• Procurement as Key Business Competence

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    Procurement as Key Business Competence

    “I started my career in procurement when it was seen as an administrative function,” says Caroline Booth, CPO at TD Bank Group. “Then it became a huge value lever – for both business growth through good supplier selection and access to innovation and for cost management

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  • Chrysler Purchasing Changes Supplier Diversity Landscape

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  • From Buying Cheaper to Spending Smarter

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The Impact of Make in India on the Medical Device Industry

Beroe Inc.

Perhaps the most positive outcome of this campaign is that India can now focus on and specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of high-tech medical devices without having to depend on imports. The government of India now needs to set guidelines and laws to ensure that an opportunity to grow is not lost. This is undoubtedly history in the making at least for the Indian healthcare industry. Read More

Not Understanding Procurement May Be Real Issue

Susan Avery

"Procurement’s strategic capability is not understood and, because of that, it is not appropriately valued,” says Chirag Shah, Executive Director at Xchanging Procurement. “Not only is this causing problems for procurement performance, it is also restricting business success. By not engaging with procurement and fully understanding what it can deliver as a strategic partner, companies are limiting their potential for growth.” Read More

Procurement Powers Up for Negotiations

Susan Avery

Procurement: How can you be a good negotiator if you have not read the contract? That’s the question Attorney Mark Grieco asked procurement and supply management professionals attending a member meeting of ISM-Greater Rhode Island recently at Banneker Industries in North Smithfield. Read More

Managing Suppliers, Stakeholders is Procurement Value

Susan Avery

As such, Ron Guertin, Partner at Catchlight Consulting in Lexington, Mass., briefly described the evolution of procurement to supply management professionals gathered at Merck Pharmaceuticals in Lexington, Mass., for the annual member meeting of ISM-Greater Boston. He concentrated much of his time on the potential of procurement. ISMGB is a local affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management. Read More

Latest Videos

Achieve Competitive Prices without Bidding

In this 60-minute training video session given by Rod Sherkin, President of ProPurchaser, you will learn how to work more constructively with suppliers to drive down costs together, while strengthening your supply chain.

Marketing and Sourcing Collaboration Part 4

In part 4 of the Source One video series, Kathleen Jordan completes the discussion on marketing and sourcing with a case study that demonstrates how sourcing can benefit from partnering with a consulting firm to address marketing’s needs.

Marketing and Sourcing Collaboration Part 3

In part 3, Kathleen Jordan at Source One describes how sourcing can support marketing during its agency review process. She provides best practices for the two to use when conducting an agency search.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Procurement, Politics and Diplomacy

Anyone who wants to be in the procurement profession must be a skilled diplomat to successfully handle the politics that exist in every company, says Jimmy Anklesaria of the Anklesaria Group. In the interview, he shares ways procurement can deal with execs who want to protect their “turf” to the detriment of the sourcing process, and offers up suggestions on how to move relationships forward.

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What the Amazon Business Marketplace Means for Procurement

Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi catches up with Paul Noel, Senior Vice President, Procurement Solutions at Ivalua, to learn what Amazon’s new marketplace for business customers means for suppliers and procurement pros. For procurement, it depends on the size of the organization and whether they’re using a procure-to-pay system. He explains in clear terms and has suggestions for procurement going forward.

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Latest Blog Posts

Perspective on the New Amazon Marketplace for Procurement

Photo of Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi

Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi
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Amazon recently introduced a marketplace for suppliers. The company says Amazon for Business offers suppliers benefits of e-commerce expertise, visibility for product catalogs and access to customers. My Purchasing Center reached out to one of our sources … Read More

As a Purchasing Professional Do You Need to Acquire Sales Skills?

Photo of Soheila Lunney

Soheila Lunney
Read Bio

Procurement and sales are two vital business functions with varied processes that are often described as opposites. Some companies may find these two departments at odds with each other as they argue which one is more important for the vitality of the orga… Read More

The Disappearing World of Procurement

Photo of Tim Cummins

Tim Cummins
Read Bio

If you are in Procurement, it's time to rise up, to demand more, to assert your abilities and potential. The function is in desperate need of true leaders who act as drivers of change and creators of value. But to do that, you must challenge the status quo… Read More

Benchmark Rates Between India and Vietnam for IT Services

Photo of Viet Ho

Viet Ho
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Over the last 10 years, I’ve had close visibility to the rate cards of many IT outsourcing providers through my Procurement role of managing India’s offshore providers and in my role as a Strategic Sourcing consultant. There are a few analyses on the web c… Read More



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Supplier Profiles


Staples Advantage is the one supplier that offers all the business solutions you need, all with the expertise of a specialty vendor. Read More

Lunney Advisory Group

Lunney Advisory Group was founded in 2007. Our firm is not your typical consulting company. Some members of our firm are highly qualified and experienced industry executives/practitioners while others are full time or adjunct university professors.… Read More


The work and purpose of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston today reflect the early intentions of its founders to "create acquaintance and foster the exchange of knowledge." Read More

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Winning Influence: Procurement Leaders on Approaches for Sourcing Complex Services

In the white paper, Winning Influence, the Roundtable examines topics critical to sourcing complex categories such as procurement model, internal communications, relationships with suppliers and performance metrics.

Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Air Cargo

Air cargo can be an important and highly efficient component of today’s optimized supply chain. For many products, markets, and industries, air cargo is the critical link that allows organizations to respond to customer demands in a timely manner. Multiple air shipment options, as well as advancemen…

What’s New in Spend Management

Spend management encompasses the entire purchasing lifecycle—from sourcing goods and selecting suppliers to setting up contracts and paying suppliers—and helps buyers take a holistic view of procurement from a competitive vantage point. That’s the definition of spend management we use to develop…

Supplier Governance Made Easy, Powerful and Complete

Large corporations perform supplier governance for strategic services in silos – segregated by department, contract, geography or type of service. Where governance processes exist, they are largely manual, often performed by poorly trained and insufficient staff through various incompatible systems,…