• Nickel Prices Rise Again

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    Nickel Prices Rise Again

    ProPurchaser News Services--Nickel for delivery in 3 months closed up $385 (2.2%) at $17,825 per metric ton in London on Monday, after Goldman Sachs predicted the price could rise another 12% because of limited supplies.

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  • Procurement, Engineering Collaborate to Meet Goals

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  • Hazardous Spills Expose Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

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Relationships Help Procurement, Suppliers through Challenging Times

Susan Avery

John MacLean, Vice President, Procurement and Supply Chain at American Airlines, understands the value of relationships. MacLean, who is leaving his post at the end of April, looks back on his career in procurement at the world's largest airline in an interview with My Purchasing Center. He has served as a member of the My Purchasing Center Editorial Advisory Board since the online publication launched in February 2011. For MacLean, the highlight of his career was when his team received the Purchasing Medal of Professional Excellence in 1998. Read More

Ontario Shop Takes Up Efforts to Produce Skilled Workers

ThomasNet News

Many machine shops in the United States and Canada are working to remedy a shortage of skilled workers. Strategies for finding and employing qualified workers are evolving, with management weighing the option of investing to develop those who are willing to learn machine-operating skills and, most important, stick with a training program and an employer. Read More

Procurement Preoccupation with Price Can Backfire

John Hall

“There is a significant disconnect between those who make decisions regarding industrial capital expenditures, and those who are tasked with managing the costs of manufacturing operations,” says Alex Chausovsky, IHS Manager and Principal Analyst, Motor-Driven Systems and Industrial Automation. “Individuals making capital expenditure decisions when building new industrial facilities rarely, if ever, consider the long-term costs associated with projects.” Read More

Trends in Talent Management and How to Capitalize on them with HR Sourcing

Guest Editor

The procurement function will need to think differently about how to support the organization in this ever-changing global business environment. By partnering with the Human Resources organization to ensure the attraction and retention of top talent at the most effective cost, HR and procurement can support bottom line growth and differentiate their company from the competition. Read More

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Marketing Procurement Internally, Part 2

Source One’s Fandozzi continues her presentation with a look at ways procurement can meet challenges of sourcing indirect categories. Tools such as reporting, transparency and training can be particularly helpful to market procurement value, she says.

Marketing Procurement Internally, Part 1

In a presentation to supply chain graduate students at Rutgers University, Lindsey Fandozzi, Director, Supply Chain at Source One Management Services, describes challenges procurement faces when sourcing indirect spend categories. Using a case study of Apple as illustration, she shares key points with My Purchasing Center.

ISM 2013 SciQuest

What's happening on the show floor at the ISM conference? My Purchasing Center interviews Adam Stewart of exhibitor SciQuest on the company's source-to-settle solution and its new user interface. He calls it "simple and sleek".

Latest Podcast Episodes

What Does Procurement Really Want?

Not what you think. Listen to My Purchasing Center’s interview with Richard Waugh, Vice President, Corporate Development at Zycus, for his response. First, however, Waugh walks us through highlights of the Zycus 2014 Pulse of Procurement report. “Procurement’s vital signs are strong,” he says. Spend under management and contract compliance, two important metrics, are up.

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Risk Along the Supply Chain: The Stakes are High

My Purchasing Center talks supply chain risk with Sundar Kamakshisundaram, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Ariba, and David Charpie, Vice President at Supplier InfoNet. The two look at ways procurement understands, monitors and executes plans to manage risk of sub-tier suppliers, and how combining the intelligence of the Ariba Network and SAP HANA can help.

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Latest Blog Posts

Critical Spares? I Am Never Without Parts….Stores May Be Out, But Not Me

Photo of George E. Krauter

George E. Krauter
Read Bio

A professional development association in the Midwest requested an analysis of a MRO store room. The company is a large food processor that claimed its stores operation was efficient and constituted effective support of maintenance projects. Something was … Read More

Five Ways to Optimize Your Indoor Environment with the Right Supplier

Photo of Roger McFadden

Roger McFadden
Read Bio

Considering how much time we spend working indoors (almost nine hours a day on average), it’s important to always make sure that our environment is the healthiest it can be. Making wise choices about suppliers and products will help ensure that your facili… Read More

Is Procurement Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

Photo of Raphael  Dauchy

Raphael Dauchy
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Many internal users are non-compliant with purchasing policies because of the time required to get their purchase requisition approved. Enabling approvers (often procurement professionals) with mobile access would help to reduce the overall cycle time for … Read More

Managing Corporate Dining Spend Elusive for Procurement--Until Now

Photo of Susan Avery

Susan Avery
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“You can imagine a CPO and the angst he or she must feel looking at a $15 million line item they are unable to leverage,” Vic Macchio, Founder and CEO at Dinova says. “We stepped up and offered them an opportunity and they are receptive to it.” Read More



  • My Purchasing Center talks to John MacLean, Vice President, #Procurement & Supply Chain at American Airlines: http://t.co/JAmCiWOIJm
  • My Purchasing Center Partner ThomasNet News shares articles on the manufacturing skills shortage & supplier reaction: http://t.co/XNVXIUgDyk
  • Bouffant hats as critical spares? Blogger George Krauter tries to make sense of a true situation: http://t.co/2CrSVftVwE

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Staples Advantage is the one supplier that offers all the business solutions you need, all with the expertise of a specialty vendor. Read More

Lunney Advisory Group

Lunney Advisory Group was founded in 2007. Our firm is not your typical consulting company. Some members of our firm are highly qualified and experienced industry executives/practitioners while others are full time or adjunct university professors.… Read More


The work and purpose of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston today reflect the early intentions of its founders to "create acquaintance and foster the exchange of knowledge." Read More

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Strategies for World-Class Procurement

To help our readers achieve their goals and provide the latest information on strategies in world class procurement, My Purchasing Center and OfficeMax compiled some of the best articles and research on strategic sourcing posted at MyPurchasingCenter.com into a new guide. Our eGuide, Strategies …

2014 Material Price Outlook

Top industry analysts provide valuable insight on pricing, availability, and production of key global commodities for the coming year. Get the inside track on projected price increases, pricing volatility, and commodity availability that could significantly impact your company’s operations in the ye…

Collaborative Outsourcing: Powerful New Ideas for Freight Management

New approaches to outsourcing are helping shippers drive down costs in the short term and build smarter, stronger supply chains for the long term. This white paper introduces some of the new thinking that is shaping today’s most successful transportation outsourcing models.

The American Purchasing Society Annual Salary Report and Employment Trends for 2013

A new slide show highlights results of The American Purchasing Society Annual Salary Report and Employment Trends for 2013.