• Procurement Leader has New Ideas for Strategic Innovation Group

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    Procurement Leader has New Ideas for Strategic Innovation Group

    “This new role is really about finding suppliers, and using third parties to come up with different ideas and perspectives,” says Craig Demarest, Senior Director, Strategic Innovations Group at RJ Reynolds.

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  • Understanding Procurement Value Transforms Career

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  • The Future of Procurement is SRM

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Negotiation: How Can I Win at the Game?

Guest Editor

Ensure that all negotiation team participants play their respective position and under no circumstances should any member of the negotiation team meet independently, with any of the competing suppliers, for any reason. Such a clandestine meeting will derail the negotiation process and undermine the effort. Read More

Procurement Leader has New Ideas for Strategic Innovations Group at RJ Reynolds

John Hall

“This new role is really about finding suppliers, and using third parties to come up with different ideas and perspectives” says Craig Demarest, Senior Director, Strategic Innovations Group at RJ Reynolds. “It’s a natural transition” from his role as a leader in procurement. Demarest also finds himself consulting with universities and engaging other third parties for ideas Read More

Disney Supplier Diversity Chief to Address Supply Chain Management Summit

Susan Avery

The Supply Chain Management Summit was established in 2008 when Banneker Industries, in partnership with the John H. Chafee Center for International Business, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Service, and Institute for Supply Management (ISM) - Greater Rhode Island set out to educate businesses in Rhode Island about how the supply chain affects their specific industries. Read More

Understanding Procurement Value Transforms Career

Susan Avery

“No longer are we in procurement and sourcing working on a tactical transaction basis,” says Mary Kachinsky, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing and Operations at FORMA Therapeutics in Watertown, Mass. “We are working with strategic partnerships, collaborating with the supply network.” Read More

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Achieve Competitive Prices without Bidding

In this 60-minute training video session given by Rod Sherkin, President of ProPurchaser, you will learn how to work more constructively with suppliers to drive down costs together, while strengthening your supply chain.

Marketing and Sourcing Collaboration Part 4

In part 4 of the Source One video series, Kathleen Jordan completes the discussion on marketing and sourcing with a case study that demonstrates how sourcing can benefit from partnering with a consulting firm to address marketing’s needs.

Marketing and Sourcing Collaboration Part 3

In part 3, Kathleen Jordan at Source One describes how sourcing can support marketing during its agency review process. She provides best practices for the two to use when conducting an agency search.

Latest Podcast Episodes

What the Blueprint on Procurement as a Service is All About

The Horses for Sources 2015 Blueprint on Procurement as a Service named Xchanging to the Winner’s Circle, its top rank for providers. MPC’s Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi talks to Doug Fullenkamp at Xchanging about this recognition which considers execution and innovation. The two also put it all in perspective for procurement practitioners.

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FusionOps Pharma: Analytics for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

My Purchasing Center Contributing Editor Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi talks to Allen Jacques, Vice President of Pharmaceuticals at Fusion Ops, provider of supply chain analytic applications about a new suite designed for the pharmaceutical industry. He outlines challenges specific to the industry—complex supply chains is one—and describes features of the new suite. He also discusses benefits of cloud solutions.

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Purchasing Professionals Need Teamwork That Builds on Their Strengths

Photo of Tom DePaoli

Tom DePaoli
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A purchasing leader should take the time to understand the strengths, skills and talents of their professional team and mesh them into the goals and tasks of the organization. The key point is to give purchasing professionals clear chances to succeed by us… Read More

Can Purchasing Use Some Aspects of Broken-Windows Theory?

Photo of Tom DePaoli

Tom DePaoli
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Can purchasing use any elements of broken-windows theory to be more effective? Yes, it can. Unfortunately, many organizations are not empowering employees, quite the opposite, they are ignoring them or at war with them. Read More

Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Can Be Complex; FusionOps Aims to Help

Photo of Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi

Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi
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FusionOps, provider of supply chain analytic applications, recently announced FusionOps Pharma, a new analytics suite specifically designed for the pharmaceutical business. The new cloud solution provides pharmaceutical companies with an end-to-end view of… Read More

Can Appreciative Inquiry Work For Purchasing?

Photo of Tom DePaoli

Tom DePaoli
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Most purchasing professionals have never heard of appreciative inquiry. It is a systematic discovery process to search for what is best or positive in an organization or its strengths. These strengths are then improved upon to create an even stronger and m… Read More



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It started in 1972 with an idea, a new concept in distribution. Today, Digi-Key Corporation is one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the World. The stimulus for this growth is Digi-Key's customer-centered business philosophy… Read More

Lunney Advisory Group

Lunney Advisory Group was founded in 2007. Our firm is not your typical consulting company. Some members of our firm are highly qualified and experienced industry executives/practitioners while others are full time or adjunct university professors.… Read More


Staples Advantage is the one supplier that offers all the business solutions you need, all with the expertise of a specialty vendor. Read More

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Is Logistics Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

More shippers today appear to be outsourcing some or all of their logistics. How does a company decide that outsourcing logistics is the right choice? This white paper can help companies decide, set reasonable expectations for what outsourcing can contribute to the organization, and how much of a ro…

What’s New in Spend Management

Spend management encompasses the entire purchasing lifecycle—from sourcing goods and selecting suppliers to setting up contracts and paying suppliers—and helps buyers take a holistic view of procurement from a competitive vantage point. That’s the definition of spend management we use to develop…

Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Air Cargo

Air cargo can be an important and highly efficient component of today’s optimized supply chain. For many products, markets, and industries, air cargo is the critical link that allows organizations to respond to customer demands in a timely manner. Multiple air shipment options, as well as advancemen…

Winning Influence: Procurement Leaders on Approaches for Sourcing Complex Services

In the white paper, Winning Influence, the Roundtable examines topics critical to sourcing complex categories such as procurement model, internal communications, relationships with suppliers and performance metrics.