• The Evolving Role of Procurement in a Digitized World

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    The Evolving Role of Procurement in a Digitized World

    Digitization-inspired trends are reinventing the way you, as procurement professionals, interact with peers and suppliers. As your careers evolves we want to make sure you excel, especially during this period of important technology breakthroughs.

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  • How Spend Management Platforms are Facilitating a Transition to Data Driven Procurement

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  • Procurement “Digitization” Efforts: Ready for Prime Time?

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The Road to Profitability: Uber’s Play for a Driverless Future

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It’s arguably the most important legal fight of the year: Waymo, Google’s since-spun-off driverless car division, is battling Uber over allegedly pilfered trade secrets and information. The two companies are fighting in a space increasingly Read More

The Evolving Role of Procurement in a Digitized World

Dennis Bouley

Digitization is redefining the boundaries and expectations for procurement. We see it every day in the growing use of digital technologies to generate revenue, improve partnerships, and Read More

Who in Procurement Can Mine the Benefits of Digitization and Big Data?

Guest Editor

Predictive analytics is a discipline that identifies stable patterns in data, which can in turn be used to try to predict future events. Early adopters believe it will Read More

Visual Management 101 – Visualizing Business Processes to Drive Efficiency and Oversight

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Business leaders often throw around the term ‘Visual Management’ as a core part of the lean manufacturing philosophy. However, despite touting the importance of Read More

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Buy Local and the Supply Chain: What Procurement Can Do

My Purchasing talks to Peter Cook, Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain at The Smart Cube, about the rise of nationalism and how it could affect the supply chain. As he sees it, buying local may raise cost and could be “the catalyst that accelerates innovation” leading to more automation of internal processes as procurement leaders look at where and how they source. He offers tips for going forward.

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World Price of Crude Oil Volatile: How Buyers Can Manage

Ian Buchanan, Lead Procurement Research Analyst with IBISWorld, discusses the world price of crude oil in this inteview with My Purchasing Center. In it, he first examines current prices, which have been on a downward trend, then looks at where prices are heading over the next five years. Supply and demand will come into balance, he says, putting upward pressure on prices. To close, Buchanan offers buyers suggestions for managing the coming price volatility.

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What is a Reverse Auction?

In this video, K2 Sourcing provides perspective on reverse auctions for procurement. If you take one thing away from this presentation, it is that a reverse auction is one of many tools to help automate the strategic sourcing and, ultimately, the category management process.

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Do Organizations Really Need a Management System to Achieve Their Financial Goals and Meet Objectives?

Photo of Guest Editor

Guest Editor
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Throughout my consulting career, I have heard endless statements about management systems from directors and presidents, from organizations of different sizes, from all Read More

Getting the Purchasing Information You Need When You Need It

Photo of Paulo Moretti

Paulo Moretti
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Purchasing professionals have two core issues when looking to refine a supply strategy for their commodity: understanding the market and determining their best approach. Read More

Ask the Expert: How Master Data Management Tools Impact the Efficiency of Supply Chain Management

Photo of Jim Baehr

Jim Baehr
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Many data management tools exist across the procurement supply chain. Deciding to migrate to one of these Master Data Management environments can present a number of challenges. In our “Ask the Expert” column Read More

Use Gamification Principles to Improve Supplier Relationships and Collaboration

Photo of Tom DePaoli

Tom DePaoli
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Many organizations rely on close relationships with key suppliers to insure competitive success. Gamification tools offer an opportunity to not only improve the relationship but to Read More



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It started in 1972 with an idea, a new concept in distribution. Today, Digi-Key Corporation is one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the World. The stimulus for this growth is Digi-Key's customer-centered business philosophy… Read More


The work and purpose of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston today reflect the early intentions of its founders to "create acquaintance and foster the exchange of knowledge." Read More

Lunney Advisory Group

Lunney Advisory Group was founded in 2007. Our firm is not your typical consulting company. Some members of our firm are highly qualified and experienced industry executives/practitioners while others are full time or adjunct university professors.… Read More

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U.S.-Mexico Shipping Options

Abstract: Understanding what can happen at the U.S.-Mexico border with your truckload shipments could impact the decisions you make—and whether or not you will actually get what you pay for. By reviewing the process and your options, you will be able to develop better, more efficient strategies to …

Must Have Information for Every Strategic Sourcing Manager

As we move into a 2016, it’s a safe prediction that buzzwords will continue to dominate the business world. 'Strategic sourcing' is one buzzword that has permeated the procurement function for the past 20 years, but is often hard to describe. Almost every large procurement organization claims to be …

Top Metrics for Measuring Procurement Performance

Tamr and My Purchasing Center are partnering to bring you some of the best information published on procurement performance metrics in a new guide. We selected these articles so you can benchmark what you’re doing at your company with what procurement experts are advising.

Do "Preferred Customers" Really Receive Better Pricing and Service?

Anecdotal evidence and some qualitative research suggests that "favored shippers" - companies for which carriers prefer to haul freight - obtain better pricing and service. But do they? In this paper, Iowa State University researchers explain: How they sought to understand the voice of U.S. truck…