• IBM Procurement Transformation Continues on Course

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    IBM Procurement Transformation Continues on Course

    “To be clear, transformation at our level is not an easy task, and as we are often reminded the future is not drawn in a straight line,” says Bob Murphy, Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer at IBM.

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  • Chrysler Purchasing Changes Supplier Diversity Landscape

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  • Procurement as Key Business Competence

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The Traveler is at the Center of Travel Procurement Strategy

Susan Avery

"We are seeing more focus on the traveler than ever before,” Greeley Koch, Executive Director at the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, told travel procurement managers, suppliers and others attending the ACTE Boston Education Forum recently. Read More

Staples Advantage Survey on Productivity Lesson for Procurement

John Hall

A new survey by Staples Advantage aims to tear the cover off of North American workers’ attitudes in the nascent years following the Great Recession, and the news is both troubling and perplexing. Over half of them say they are overworked and burned out. Yet even more, however, say they are “happy.” Read More

End of Life Management for Medical Devices

Beroe Inc.

EOL issues are longstanding for multiple sectors. It is important for sourcing managers to look into this, and design a foolproof strategy to counter the same. This article highlights the methodology to counter the issue, and safeguard the ever-changing supply chain. Read More

Sourcing, Engineering Collaborate to Meet Sustainability Goals at Lexmark

Doug Smock

“We use a collaborative cross-functional approach between our global sourcing and engineering functions,” says Billy Spears, Director of Operations for Supplies at Lexmark. “Sourcing owns the identification of the supply base, and engineering owns the qualification.” Read More

Latest Videos

Achieve Competitive Prices without Bidding

In this 60-minute training video session given by Rod Sherkin, President of ProPurchaser, you will learn how to work more constructively with suppliers to drive down costs together, while strengthening your supply chain.

Marketing and Sourcing Collaboration Part 4

In part 4 of the Source One video series, Kathleen Jordan completes the discussion on marketing and sourcing with a case study that demonstrates how sourcing can benefit from partnering with a consulting firm to address marketing’s needs.

Marketing and Sourcing Collaboration Part 3

In part 3, Kathleen Jordan at Source One describes how sourcing can support marketing during its agency review process. She provides best practices for the two to use when conducting an agency search.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Extended Payment Terms, Procurement and the Supply Chain

Ad Van der Poel, Senior Vice President, Financing Services at Basware, talks to My Purchasing Center about organizations extending payment terms and the effect doing so has on the supply chain. Buyers want to maintain strong relationships with their suppliers, suppliers want to be paid quickly and Basware is developing new solutions to help both. Van der Poel shares some of those plans in this podcast.

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How to Mitigate Rising Fuel, Maintenance Costs this Summer

Changing weather brings higher costs to some spend categories such as trucking and building maintenance. Sean Windle, Procurement Research Analyst at IBISWorld, speaks with MPC’s Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi about what’s happening—some prices are rising—and how procurement should plan its buys. Bundling, or consolidating suppliers, especially of maintenance goods and services, is one way to go.

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No Labels: A Bipartisan Concept That Must Succeed in MRO

Photo of George E. Krauter

George E. Krauter
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As in government, many manufacturing, institutional and commercial companies have internal quasi-political situations that result in gridlock which disrupts optimum application of problem-solving and change procedures. Read More

The Future of Procurement is SRM

Photo of Joe Payne

Joe Payne
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The more I think about where our profession is headed, the more I realize that everything we do in strategic sourcing and procurement will be centered on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). When it comes to the evolution of SRM, including where we are … Read More

7,000 Rolls of Toilet Paper! Creating New Supply Chain Wins Innovation Award for Kimberly-Clark

Photo of Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi

Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi
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Kimberly-Clark Professional's GreenHarvest product line required developing an entirely new supply chain to directly obtain wheat straw from U.S. farmers and creating a cutting-edge manufacturing process for converting fiber into pulp, said Peter Leahy, Ch… Read More

What Have We Learned from the Great Recession?

Photo of Susan Avery

Susan Avery
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Have we learned anything since the Great Recession? Are we prepared to manage an increase in interest rates when they rise perhaps later this year? Derrick Steiner, Management Consultant with REL, raises these questions as he walks My Purchasing Center thr… Read More



Supplier Profiles


Staples Advantage is the one supplier that offers all the business solutions you need, all with the expertise of a specialty vendor. Read More


It started in 1972 with an idea, a new concept in distribution. Today, Digi-Key Corporation is one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the World. The stimulus for this growth is Digi-Key's customer-centered business philosophy… Read More


The work and purpose of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston today reflect the early intentions of its founders to "create acquaintance and foster the exchange of knowledge." Read More

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What’s New in Spend Management

Spend management encompasses the entire purchasing lifecycle—from sourcing goods and selecting suppliers to setting up contracts and paying suppliers—and helps buyers take a holistic view of procurement from a competitive vantage point. That’s the definition of spend management we use to develop…

Is Logistics Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

More shippers today appear to be outsourcing some or all of their logistics. How does a company decide that outsourcing logistics is the right choice? This white paper can help companies decide, set reasonable expectations for what outsourcing can contribute to the organization, and how much of a ro…

Supplier Governance Made Easy, Powerful and Complete

Large corporations perform supplier governance for strategic services in silos – segregated by department, contract, geography or type of service. Where governance processes exist, they are largely manual, often performed by poorly trained and insufficient staff through various incompatible systems,…

Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Air Cargo

Air cargo can be an important and highly efficient component of today’s optimized supply chain. For many products, markets, and industries, air cargo is the critical link that allows organizations to respond to customer demands in a timely manner. Multiple air shipment options, as well as advancemen…