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My Purchasing Center™ is a website designed to provide the essential information required by purchasing and procurement management professionals to keep their companies competitive in a dynamic global marketplace.   My Purchasing Center™ reports news, pinpoints trends, interprets events and presents proprietary pricing and supply data through unique content developed through its editorial staff, strategic content partnerships and by creating an online hub for information.  My Purchasing Center™ also addresses specific information needs in the industry:

Editorial Focus:   High-value content drives audience interest, performance, and SEO performance.  Industry experts, such as our Chief Editor, Susan Avery, with over 25 years covering the purchasing industry, create content, aggregate industry content, and manage social media content such as blogs and micro blogging.   In addition, My Purchasing Center™ has an elite editorial advisory board assisting with the strategy and content of the site. Articles, webcast, videos, social media, newsletters and blogs from the site provide:

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