Paul Blake

Paul Blake leads the technology product marketing team at GEP and is responsible for the promotion of GEP’s procurement technology platform, SMART by GEP. He has worked in technology for over 25 years and has been involved in the development of procurement software solutions since before the advent of the internet. Having run the development team that delivered Europe’s first B2B trading platform in the 1990s and implemented eCommerce networks on three continents in the early 2000s, he has long-term experience of the trends and developments that affect procurement professionals.

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Procurement: Are You Ready to Become a Device?

May 20th

In procurement software we’ve yet to see any real automation in this sense, but perhaps it is coming. So far, the removal of human activity from the process has largely been around the choreography of documents, whether that is the sending and receiving of… Read More

When Is a Catalog?

April 20th

We all know what a catalog is. I could be cheeky and say, yes, it’s a misspelling of catalogue, but regardless of which side of the Atlantic our English hails from, we do, I suspect, all agree on what it is. But do we really? When you ask a friend who does… Read More

Terms of Endearment

August 7th

How future technology could transform procurement by putting traditional customer service at the heart of the process. Read More