SMART by GEP is a complete, unified source-to-pay software platform, native to cloud, touch and mobile technologies with comprehensive sourcing and procurement functionality, including spend analysis, sourcing, savings tracking, contract management, supplier management, procure-to-pay and more.

Offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), SMART by GEP leverages cloud economics to deliver a solution that easily handles the heaviest processing requirements of GEP’s Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients, while eliminating burdensome infrastructure and support costs.

SMART by GEP is easy to set up, deploy and use, with no extensive training required. All GEP products are platform-agnostic (they work with SAP, Oracle or any other major ERP or F&A system)

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Best Practices for Managing Supplier Relationships

July 8th

Sponsored Content. Much has changed since the Great Recession. For procurement teams, one notable change is a new focus on managing cost by monitoring performance of strategic suppliers over the life of a contract. Gone are the days when procurement reduce… Read More

The Drive to an Automated World: Is It the End of the World for Procurement?

June 21st

Sponsored Content. In too many companies, too many resources are spent on inefficient processes. Automating the processes frees procurement and others from mundane and repetitive tasks. Scary? It shouldn’t be. Read More

Get to Know Your Users: Tips for Procurement Software Implementation

June 14th

Sponsored Content. Supplier enthusiasm for procurement software can be a contingency for success. If procurement is looking for improved efficiency in the supply chain, contract compliance, or for suppliers to engage in such activities as dynamic discount… Read More

In Source-to-Pay Projects, Suppliers are Stakeholders Too

June 1st

Sponsored Content. Which stakeholders should you involve in a Source-to-Pay implementation? IT? Finance? Operations? All good choices, but suppliers are equally important. In fact, including suppliers is one of nine steps to S2P success Read More

What You Need to Know about Cloud Procurement Software

May 26th

Sponsored Content. With a cloud-based approach, procurement doesn’t have to act like IT. It doesn’t need to think about technical architecture or upgrade paths, or even features and functions. Procurement chooses a cloud solution and uses it as aggressivel… Read More

Considering S2P? Define Success First

May 12th

Sponsored Content. What’s best practice for selecting and implementing a source-to-pay platform? How should companies frame and articulate benefits and improvements they’re looking for in S2P apps? Read More

Supplier Relationship Management: Where Procurement Fits

May 10th

Sponsored Content. As procurement professionals know, their role in the organization is constantly evolving, and procurement software providers are working to develop technology that keeps up with the changes while helping them and their organizations to s… Read More

Perfecting Procurement and Finance Alignment

April 27th

Sponsored Content. They say nothing’s perfect, but perhaps some things should be. Take aligning procurement with finance when implementing procure-to-pay software, for example. A P2P system helps with standardization, supplier rationalization, quicker orde… Read More

Spend Analysis in Action: How Procurement Uses the Tool

April 25th

Sponsored Content. Centralizing data is the very essence of spend analysis software. Most companies have multiple ERP systems that “don’t speak the same language.” Category managers researching suppliers, say, IBM, for instance, may find a system identifie… Read More

Demand for MRO Weak, Prices Low--What Does It Mean for Procurement?

April 13th

Sponsored Content. A slower market, economic uncertainty and low oil prices have led to oil and gas companies delaying or shelving projects, weakening demand for maintenance, repair and operating items. Add cheaper metal and lubricant prices to the mix and… Read More

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