Susan Avery

Susan Avery is Editor-in-Chief at My Purchasing Center. She writes articles, blogs and white papers and manages and creates other content for the online procurement and supply management publication. She produces and moderates roundtable discussions, podcasts, webcasts and video interviews. Susan has 30 years experience covering procurement and supply management for Purchasing magazine and 

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EPIC Awards Salute the Year’s Best in Procurement

March 7th

The Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories (EPIC) Awards is a collaboration of ProcureCon and My Purchasing Center to recognize professional achievement in procurement of complex categories such as human resources, marketing, travel, legal, professi… Read More

Distribution at Tipping Point: What Procurement Should Know

February 28th

More optimistic than they have been in a long time, industrial distributors now have to make decisions that could affect their competitiveness, or as procurement sees it, their relationships with customers, for years to come. Read More

Blockchain: A Shared Ledger to Rid Waste from the Supply Chain

February 9th

You’ve heard the term blockchain. What does it mean? How does it work? How can companies use the technology to help make their supply chains more efficient and cost effective? And what does it all mean for procurement leaders? To get the answers to these … Read More

3M Procurement Leader: Sourcing Efficient and Engine for Growth

January 25th

“Sourcing has to have a holistic view of the business and understand how the relationship with the supplier will differentiate our products and give us a competitive advantage,” Jose Varela, Vice President, Sourcing Operations, 3M, tells My Purchasing Cent… Read More

Maverick Buying Challenge for Indirect Procurement

January 17th

When it comes to managing the company’s indirect spend, procurement leaders appear to have settled on an operating model—centralized or center-led. Yet some old challenges continue to plague them, including maverick buying. That’s according to new research… Read More

How Procurement Should Manage its Relationship with Legal

January 12th

As managing supply chain risk continues to be on the minds of CEOs in 2017, procurement leaders may want to ensure their teams have a good understanding of the legal aspects of their relationships with suppliers and good rapport with the company’s attorney… Read More

Procurement Debates: Is Category Management Obsolete?

December 29th

Procurement and supply management professionals attending ProcureCon Indirect East in Orlando on March 6-8 will have the opportunity to listen to and weigh in on a debate on the relevancy of category management. Brian Kyle, Managing Director, Strategic Sou… Read More

At Law Firms, Procurement Seeks to Become Internal Counsel

December 28th

Procurement professionals leading their companies' sourcing strategy for legal services are helping to convince law firms to set up centralized procurement functions. Their questions to law firms about how they manage supplier risk is what's encouraging th… Read More

My Purchasing Center Top 10 Procurement Articles in 2016

December 18th

Among the most-read on the My Purchasing Center Top 10 Procurement Articles in 2016 are three written by Paulo Moretti, Principal at The articles are: Measuring Purchasing Maturity, Purchasing Risk Management Tool and Chemicals Price Foreca… Read More

Steel Price Forecast for 2017

November 30th

While rising raw material costs push up steel prices, market watchers suggest buyers not make big purchasing commitments heading into 2017. “Steel buyers do not want to lock in for more than six months because prices should start coming down in the second … Read More

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