Susan Avery

Susan Avery is Editor-in-Chief at My Purchasing Center. She writes articles, blogs and white papers and manages and creates other content for the online procurement and supply management publication. She produces and moderates roundtable discussions, podcasts, webcasts and video interviews. Susan has 30 years experience covering procurement and supply management for Purchasing magazine and 

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Are Suppliers Capable of Meeting Buyers' Need for Services?

August 11th

Distributors and their manufacturer suppliers feel their resources are being stretched to the brink: entering the industrial supplies market is pushing distributors to increase their presence on the web. Low oil prices which have hurt the oil an… Read More

Succession Planning for Procurement

July 28th

“If a company does not have a succession plan, the CPO should take the lead and use his or her influence to get it on the corporate agenda. It’s also important for procurement to make sure the company’s critical suppliers have succession plans,” says Micha… Read More

The MRO Supply Chain: An Opportunity to Improve

July 13th

In his new book, Outsourcing MRO: Finding a Better Way, George Krauter shares with procurement, maintenance and other practitioners his experience working in the MRO industry for the past 50 years. In short, the book presents readers with Krauter’s thinkin… Read More

Supply Chain Risk Management: Not a Procurement Priority

June 22nd

A new report, Is Your Luck Running Out? Managing Supply Risk in Uncertain Times, by A.T. Kearney and Rapid Ratings International, describes the current state of procurement involvement in supply chain risk management activities, potential risks that could … Read More

GPOs Free Up Procurement Teams for More Strategic Activities

June 15th

Procurement teams that use group purchasing organizations (GPO) to help manage sourcing of indirect categories such as office, MRO and packaging and IT are satisfied with their performance and are seeing benefits from the relationships. That’s according to… Read More

Wayfair Teaches Suppliers to Deliver Quickly and On Time

May 31st

“It’s a very very different fulfillment model. Suppliers were not eager, ” Laura Scott, Vice President of Supplier Operations and International Operations at Wayfair, told procurement and supply managers attending the annual meeting of the Insitute for Sup… Read More

ISM2016: Big Rewards, Little Risk for Procurement and Supply Management

May 20th

ISM2016 consists of keynote presentations, educational sessions, including some that presents an in-depth look at specific procurement topics, the R.Gene Richter Scholarship and other award programs, affiliate and group meetings, networking and an exhibit… Read More

Storeroom Solutions is Now Synovos

May 16th

According to the company’s new website, the word Synovos is derived from the Greek “Syn-“ which means “together or integrated,” and the Latin “-novos” which means “new or fresh.” Combined, Synovos can be defined as “the new integration.” Read More

Procurement Demonstrates Value, Influence Grows

May 6th

Spend under influence (an important metric for measuring procurement performance), maverick buying and indirect categories such as energy and IT are topics examined in the 2016 ProcureCon Indirect East Benchmarking Report. Read More

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Future of Supply Management

May 2nd

Supply management professionals attending ISM2016 in Indianapolis on May 15-18 should come away with a better understanding of how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will affect the economy and their profession. That’s on top of lessons they’ll learn from their… Read More