Mickey North Rizza

Mickey North Rizza, a leading authority on sourcing and supply management issues, is the VP of Strategic Services at spend analysis and strategic sourcing company BravoSolution. North Rizza’s primary focus is helping companies and guiding procurement practitioners on their journey from tactical supply management execution towards driving strategic top- and bottom-line value across the organization.

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Making 2014 the Year for Procurement’s Transformation

November 18th

It’s time for something more dramatic than a quiet shift. And I want to see more procurement organizations make the change. So I’m calling for 2014 to be the year of procurement’s transformation. I know it won’t be easy, but with some careful planning it’s… Read More

Is Where You Are Going Where You Think You Are Headed

May 31st

To evolve, you must first understand where you are going now vs. where you are headed. Time is on our side, at least for the moment to figure out our journey, but it is also ticking away moment by moment. Read More

SAP Strategy: Value Chain Transactional Dominance with Ariba Acquisition?

June 20th

With its announcement to acquire Ariba, SAP appears to be positioning itself as the transactional B2B commerce technology leader. SAP is already one of the largest ERP technology companies, delivering enterprise wide products. Read More