Brent Ray

As founder and CEO of, Brent D. Ray has over 20 years experience in wholesale MRO and OEM distribution, supply chain consulting and business-to-business marketing. He is an experienced MBA professional with a broad history of entrepreneurship and business development credentials. 

He’s served as a strategic consultant and value added partner to Fortune 1000 firms. In addition to his executive and supply chain experience, Brent possesses experience related to the latest web-technologies including Web 2.0, RIA, SaaS, web APIs, mobile computing and advanced UI design.

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People Still Make the Difference

May 1st

The slowly improving economy has been good news to the supply chain. In most lines of trade, business is picking up or moving toward more normal seasonality, a welcome reprieve from the tough years of 2008-2009. And although challenges still linger—particu… Read More

Moderating Growth Means Time to Retool

April 23rd

Companies in some vertical markets will use the moderating conditions as a time to retool and rebuild their businesses—focusing on issues such as product quality improvement, productivity gains, and enhanced service offerings. The electronics supply chain,… Read More

Supply Chain: Good Career Opportunity

April 18th

This month’s manufacturing Report on Business from the Institute for Supply Management pointed to strong production activity in manufacturing in March, with a particularly strong report on employment growth. ISM’s employment index for March—a gauge of empl… Read More

Suppliers Can Help Reduce Fuel Costs

April 9th

Energy is one of a company’s largest expenses; unfortunately, there is often little control over its quality and usage within a plant. As gas prices rise, manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies and others find themselves faced with a bigger bill … Read More

Has Your Plant Switched to LED Lighting?

April 5th

LED technology is making headway across all industries as companies seek energy-efficient lighting solutions and government mandates drive the phase-out of less efficient lighting products. But industrial facilities are among those leading the way in LED a… Read More

Manufacturing Recovery Continues; Outlook Good through 2013

April 2nd

It may be early to be looking ahead to 2013, but recent news from the Manufacturers’ Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) shows that the manufacturing recovery is continuing its steady rebound and should outpace overall GDP growth through 2013. Read More

Expect More Innovation in E-Commerce

April 2nd

The suggestion that B2B e-commerce will continue to grow is no big surprise. Technologies that make purchasing easier and less costly will only become more attractive as companies of all types maintain their laser focus on streamlining the supply chain. Th… Read More

Manufacturers, Distributors Optimistic

March 13th

The McGladrey report is one more in a long line of positive news about the improving—albeit slowly—economy. The additional insight on best practices used by top-performing companies is further evidence of what many supply chain companies already know: Cont… Read More

In 2012, Metrics Still Matter

March 5th

Companies throughout the supply chain have taken advantage of the recent economic slowdown to really focus on performance measurement and overall operations improvement, as evidenced by the MESA International study. Manufacturers are looking for ways to pr… Read More

Sustainability Tops Business Leaders' List

February 29th

The supply chain is no stranger to this discussion; both suppliers and procurement professionals continue to seek out environmentally friendly solutions to saving energy and reducing waste while still achieving their business objectives—whether that means … Read More

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