Paulo Moretti

Paulo Moretti is Principal at, a boutique consulting company focused on excellence in the purchasing function for manufacturing industries and market analysis of Chemicals & Plastics industries. 

Prior to becoming Principal, he was Senior Consultant at Vantage Partners, and worked 35 years at The Dow Chemical Company, where he developed experience in such diverse areas as Manufacturing, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Strategic Planning, e-Business, and Purchasing. 

A native of Brazil now based in the U.S., Moretti holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, with Master’s degrees in Industrial Management and in Business and executive course certifications from Kellogg, Wharton, and MIT Sloan. 





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Engaging Purchasing Stakeholders: A Framework that Works

July 26th

The recent Deloitte Global CPO survey 2018 contained several surprising results. Foremost among them for me was the low level of purchasing engagement between businesses and functions, that is, Read More

Artificial Intelligence in Procurement: How will it affect you?

February 2nd

On a daily basis, we see artificial intelligence (AI) impacting our lives, and its advancement is not slowing. It’s already at work in iPhone’s SIRI and Amazon’s Alexa. It’s just around the corner Read More

Supplier Segmentation Tools Help Drive Procurement Productivity

October 13th

The overall objective of supplier segmentation is to identify high-yield segments, that is, those segments most likely to be profitable or show good growth potential. According to Read More

Getting the Purchasing Information You Need When You Need It

July 27th

Purchasing professionals have two core issues when looking to refine a supply strategy for their commodity: understanding the market and determining their best approach. Read More

Measuring Purchasing Maturity

October 31st

My objective is to demonstrate a tool for high-level purchasing executives to create an organizational self-assessment, so they can more fully understand areas for improvement, whether they are able to change by themselves, or whether they need to work wit… Read More

Chemicals Price Forecasting

June 27th

Since 2012, the peak year for oil prices, Crude Oil prices have fallen, and all chemicals users have enjoyed lower prices for Crude Oil derivatives. However, I believe this scenario will change in 2016 and 2017. In parallel fashion, Natural Gas prices have… Read More

Purchasing Risk Management Tool

March 16th

A simple view of risk management is to know what risks should be tracked, and then, to have a mitigation plan to decrease or eliminate the risks. In purchasing, the most important objective is to avoid supply disruption, which may interrupt production, cau… Read More

Plastics: Global Market Outlook

September 28th

In a recent article, Market Analysis: Chemicals and Plastics, I provided U.S. data for chemicals and plastics with past and future demand along with their growth rates. In this follow-up article I will share global market data for plastics with regional de… Read More

Embracing Supplier Diversity: Objectives, Resources, and Framework

July 31st

Minority- and women-owned businesses have grown substantially in the U.S. In 2002 and 2007, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce (through the Minority Business Development Agency) published data based on the U.S. Census; showing minority-owned businesses (5,800,000 … Read More

Client Satisfaction in Purchasing: A Must or Just “Nice to Have”?

May 8th

In most instances, Purchasing provides services to internal clients, that is, businesses and functions within a company. In other words, unless Purchasing is outsourced, there are no alternative sources for these services. In that case, why we should perfo… Read More

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