Tom DePaoli

Dr. Tom DePaoli is the Management Program Director at Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisc., and the Principal (CEO) of which does general business consulting in the supply chain, Lean Six Sigma and human resources areas. Recently he retired from the Navy Reserve after more than 30 years of service. In other civilian careers, he was a supply chain and human resources executive with corporate purchasing turnaround experience and Lean Six Sigma deployments. He is the author of eight books and numerous articles. His Amazon author’s page is


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Reinvigorating Purchasing and Restoring the Passion of Being the Best

February 2nd

Often a purchasing department gets bogged down in bureaucratic work and suffers from constant second guessing and criticism from other departments. The whiplash can Read More

Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen Success = People and Leadership First, Not the Process and Tools!

January 3rd

Many organizations make huge investments in disciplined approaches to problem solving like Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Kaizens, which are labeled as “continuous improvement”. Read More

Use Gamification Principles to Improve Supplier Relationships and Collaboration

July 19th

Many organizations rely on close relationships with key suppliers to insure competitive success. Gamification tools offer an opportunity to not only improve the relationship but to Read More

Emotional Intelligence in Negotiations

February 20th

Purchasing and supply chain professionals must be aware of and strive to improve their emotional intelligence. A definition of emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control and express one's emotions and to handle interpersonal relationsh… Read More

Autonomous Vehicles (Robot Trucks) Will Redesign the Entire Supply Chain

December 22nd

Supply chain professionals must rethink their entire logistics strategies both eternally and internally with the emergence of robot trucks. Read More

Why Haven’t Terrorists Attacked the Supply Chain? Vary Your Inbound Ports Now!

September 9th

With the expansion of the Panama Canal, the time is now to not only consider the new costs of logistics, but the risk of a major container port being shut down! Supply chain professionals should consider using multiple inbound ports to alleviate this risk.… Read More

Future Purchasers Will Become Conductors of the Digital Supply Chain Orchestra

August 11th

The future purchasing professional will have increasingly thorough control of the supply chain and be able to anticipate and view any disruptions. As a conductor of the supply chain orchestra, future professionals will not only provide harmony and predicta… Read More

How to Avoid a Supply Chain Apocalypse

March 14th

As the importance of supply chain management grows leaps and bounds, the supply chain professional must develop multiple options and proficient tactics to ensure the continuity of the supply chain. A key element in lessening supply chain risk is to have an… Read More

Purchasing Professionals Need Teamwork That Builds on Their Strengths

July 31st

A purchasing leader should take the time to understand the strengths, skills and talents of their professional team and mesh them into the goals and tasks of the organization. The key point is to give purchasing professionals clear chances to succeed by us… Read More

Can Purchasing Use Some Aspects of Broken-Windows Theory?

July 24th

Can purchasing use any elements of broken-windows theory to be more effective? Yes, it can. Unfortunately, many organizations are not empowering employees, quite the opposite, they are ignoring them or at war with them. Read More

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