Rod Sherkin

Rod Sherkin is the President of Inc. Established in 1999, ProPurchaser provides purchasing professionals with information and tools to help them better prepare for negotiations and raise the profile and status of the purchasing profession by increasing senior-management awareness of its strategic, profit-boosting potential.


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Trust Your Suppliers, Not Their Data

April 21st

Of course you need to trust your suppliers: their products, delivery, quality and service. Makes sense or why would you want to do business with them? But that trust should not extend to the data they provide to support price increases! It's like asking th… Read More

Negotiate with the Right Data

April 12th

Researching suppliers' costs before renegotiating prices is standard practice in our profession. What isn't standard, however, are the data we use to support our arguments. The best data are reliably sourced cost trends, trends that relate directly to the … Read More

The Dreaded Letter--and What You Can Do about It

September 19th

You know the one I mean, it goes something like this: ”We regret to announce that our prices will increase by 3% effective immediately. Rest assured we have held off as long possible, but our own costs for (raw materials, energy, labor – pick one) have ris… Read More

The Marketplace and the 500-Pound Gorilla

October 24th

Even the world's best negotiator, however experienced or skillful, cannot defeat the gorilla. In fact, acknowledging supplier cost issues and accepting (reasonable) price increases is what you should do! Refusing to pay more can damage your organization, b… Read More

Making Suppliers Play Fair

July 10th

Suppliers are always quick to point out when their input costs go up - and then raise their prices, of course! But the reverse seldom happens. When was the last time you got a call from a supplier telling you his costs had gone down? Read More

Fishing with Suppliers

May 9th

The best cost-savings opportunities are to be found in your suppliers’ organizations: Knowledge and ideas inside the heads of their managers, engineers, operations and planning staff. Read More

Purchasers' Turn to Shine

April 18th

It's still quite scary out there: recession clouds may have receded, but they are still lurking in the distance. Sales volumes are struggling to rise; unfortunately, costs are struggling less, as suppliers pile on price increases, citing higher raw materia… Read More

Plant Tours Worth Every Minute

March 21st

How do you make sure – really sure – that your supplier is capable of going the distance providing you with the price, quality and service that your company and your customers demand? Simple as it sounds, an actual tour is the best way to gather reliable i… Read More