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Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi is a Contributing Editor with My Purchasing Center. Readers may reach her by email at nsaharia@mediasolvegroup.com or follow her on Twitter @nikitamarketeer.

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Supply Chain Risk has Role in "Deepwater Horizon" Film

November 16th

“The film highlights that while suppliers bring efficiency and expertise to an organization, each supplier has a unique culture, experience, equipment,” says Jared Smith, Co-Founder of Avetta. “Putting suppliers together, uniting to accomplish a goal is di… Read More

Big Procurement Ideas Can Lead to Business Success

October 26th

Procurement’s stature in a company has evolved to the point where it can have an impact on the success of the business. Gabe Perez, Vice President of Strategy and Market Development at Coupa Software, addressed this concept during the Procurious Career Boo… Read More

Contract Management: Opportunity for Procurement to Mitigate Risk

September 28th

“Procurement is not only being asked to find new and creative ways to drive improvements to the corporate bottom line, but also to help manage the growing risk that can negatively impact the company,” says Lloyd Alexander, Vice President of Contract Strate… Read More

Managing Relationships with Suppliers through Brexit Wins Loyalty and Trust for Procurement

August 16th

“Brexit put trade deals into question, and what this means for many companies, is that their total landed cost will now be substantially different, if higher tariffs get imposed by the UK as a non EU member,” Vakil says. “Once the new rules are implemente… Read More

Resolving Procurement Troubles Connecting with SMB Suppliers

June 17th

It should come as no surprise that small and medium-sized businesses are apprehensive of providing goods and services to big companies in spite of the fact that having such a business as a customer opens doors for the suppliers. SMBs say there are too many… Read More

Coupa Inspire 16: “Value as a Service”

June 10th

“We created a community of like-minded professionals who want to challenge the status quo and move to achieving more value as a procurement and spend management organization,” says Gabe Perez, Vice President of Strategy and Market Development, of the more … Read More

Indirect Procurement ‘Game Changer’ at Mondelēz International

May 20th

Upon receiving two awards honoring professional excellence in procurement—the 2016 EPIC Team Award and a companywide CPO Award— Andrea Sordi, Senior Director, Global Procurement, Business Services and IT at Mondelēz International, is quick to recognize the… Read More

Procurement Visibility into Tier 2 and Tier 3 Suppliers Becomes More Critical

April 27th

“Considering the interconnectedness and complexity of global supply chains and the prevalence of forced labor worldwide, companies lacking multi-tier supplier visibility can find themselves extremely vulnerable to suppliers or subcontractors that lack prop… Read More

Even a Small Penny Part Can Disrupt the Electronics Supply Chain

April 4th

“Supply chain practitioners need to take steps to protect themselves,” Bindiya Vakil, CEO at Resilinc, tells My Purchasing Center. “Not everyone will be equally impacted. Information is power. Those who have it own competitive advantage.” Read More

Eye to External Important Part of Procurement Role

March 31st

The EPIC Rising Star Award recognizes a procurement professional who is new to the field of indirect and shows exceptional potential to grow in his or her career. This year, the EPIC Rising Star Award goes to Kendra Lisak, Sourcing Manager at Amway. Lisak … Read More

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