Jim Baehr

Jim Baehr is the Lead for the Sourcing Strategies Group LLC (SSG) supporting the supply management needs of clients in both the public and private sectors. Prior to forming SSG, he was an independent advisor for several years. 

His most recent corporate roles were as Vice President of Global Information Technology Procurement for Reed Elsevier, and Director of Technical and Services Procurement for Bayer Corporation. Baehr has extensive experience in senior management positions and an accomplished career in sales. 

Currently, Baehr is the President of the ISM – Pittsburgh Affiliate, a member of the Board of Governors of the Joint Chemical Group of Pittsburgh and a member of the Visionary Council of Coupa Software Incorporated based in San Mateo, Calif.

He is a blogger, a frequent presenter at meetings and conferences and a contributing author to the book Next Level Supply Management Excellence: Your Straight to the Bottom Line® Roadmap.




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The Reality of Generational Differences in the Workplace Part One … Refitting the Workforce – This Isn’t the 1980s

April 21st

It’s easy to find reporting on the generational differences in the workplace. For more than a decade there’s been Read More

“Busyness” Isn’t a Measure of Procurement Value

March 23rd

It’s good to be busy. Right? Procurement professionals often get caught up in the activities of the day – ordering, expediting, billing and Read More

Professionals, Professionalism and Procurement

March 8th

This isn’t intended to be an admonishment; however, in conversations with sales types, they continually express vexation with procurement professionals. Maybe this isn’t new. Maybe this is an age-old problem. One thing for certain is that “collaborative re… Read More

Supply Management and the Middle Manager

January 17th

If we are aggressively pursuing the best and brightest for positions in supply management then shouldn’t we diligently prepare, coach and support the managers who are expected to make the most of the talents of the emerging professionals? Read More

Required to Think

December 21st

She asked attendees to identify issues associated with sourcing. The responses ranged from “getting data” to dealing with “internal politics.” In a skilled manner, she took the topic to its next level. “What do these issues have in common?” she asked. The … Read More

How Will the Economic Downturn of 2008 Affect the Procurement Profession?

December 19th

While 2008 “wasn’t the time,” it is reasonable to offer that in 2016 “now is the time.” Strategic sourcing with all its new tools should be fast-tracked as it represents fertile ground for collaboration. As for knowledge transfer–the window to distribute e… Read More

Now Was Not the Time (Part 3): Sourcing and Procurement Post 2008

December 12th

The most damning evidence of a regression in sourcing progress comes from recent surveys. CPOs continue to cite “cost cutting” followed by “collaboration/partnering within business” as top priorities. One could easily argue that sourcing and procurement re… Read More

Cutting Funding for Procurement Bad Idea

December 6th

Sourcing and procurement organizations need well-trained professionals to handle the onslaught of expectations coming their way. Cutting budgets for sourcing training may be the very essence of “pennywise and pound foolish.” A well-trained, skillful sourci… Read More

Now Was Not the Time (Part 1): Sourcing Resources and an Unstable Economy

November 28th

Companies need all the procurement savvy they can muster to navigate through these trying times. Are you, as professionals, up to the task? Read More

The Hand-Off

November 1st

In a conversation with a supply management professional the discussion turned to the challenges that face an effective implementation of Relationship Management (as a process). While there are many, faced by both the buy and sell sides, the discussion took… Read More

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