Dennis Bouley

Dennis Bouley is Editorial Director of MyPurchasingCenter.com and special advisor to MediaSolve Group, a strategic B2B marketing services firm focused on helping companies and institutions leverage the web and social media to achieve business goals. He spent 18 years at Schneider Electric as Managing Editor of Global Publications, and was responsible for cross-division management of the corporation’s white paper and customer success story processes. Prior to that, he spent 10 years working for IBM managing both small and large accounts. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Rhode Island and holds a Certificat Annuel from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. 

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Why the “Back End” May Be the Way Forward for Struggling Retail Operations

December 29th

Changes in the retail industry have been well documented in the news lately with both online and traditional “brick and mortar” retailers seemingly moving in opposite directions. On one end, the on-line retailers, led by firms like Amazon, have experienced… Read More

Now Procurement Teams Can Digitalize Benchmarking to Drive Better Performance

December 29th

“World class” is a term used across many industries to describe organizations that are perceived by customers and industry-experts as being among the best of the best. Some organizations loosely proclaim themselves “world class” in their advertising, but i… Read More

Advanced Marketplace “Sensing” Helps Procurement Contribute to Corporate Profitability

November 21st

For most procurement professionals, the level of job complexity is on the rise. An average procurement manager these days is likely to oversee $50 million dollars in spend and is managing over 100 suppliers and a thousand parts. Given these circumstances Read More

Effective Sustainability Reporting Now a Supply Chain Critical Success Factor

November 21st

Government regulators and consumers are requiring a higher level of transparency from corporations, leading brands and their supply chains regarding how sustainability initiatives are being driven. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling Read More

How Procurement Can Better Manage Big Data and Enable Corporate Agility

November 7th

In the changing world of procurement, the boardroom is not the only influencer that is pushing the Chief Procurement Officer’s (CPO) agenda. Other factors like globalization, supply chain dynamics, more rapid trade, and Read More

The 2018 EPIC Awards: Recognition of Those who are Evolving the Procurement Profession

October 6th

The EPIC Awards recognize and celebrate the most innovative, dynamic, and accomplished procurement leaders. This year, nominations will be accepted for Read More

ProcureCon Marketing 2017 Highlights New Sourcing Innovations

October 4th

Need to get updated on the latest trends, issues and solutions surrounding procurement and sourcing of marketing resources? November 28th – 30th is your chance. The 2017 ProcureCon Marketing Conference, held this year Read More

Efficient working capital management: How some are doing it right

September 2nd

Working capital is a measure of both a company's efficiency and its short-term financial health. Top performers in managing working capital now collect from customers over two weeks faster, pay suppliers Read More

Procurement Digitalization Efforts Now Beginning to Bear Financial Fruit

August 19th

According to a recent Hackett Group research study, a $10 billion in revenue company, capable of attaining world-class performance in procurement, can drive as much as Read More

Platforms Now Enable Closer Procurement and Supply Chain Integration

July 19th

Procurement is not as efficient as most business executives want it to be. The inefficiencies occur as a result of a number of variables that don’t always necessarily align: Read More

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