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Financial and Operational Considerations for Parcel Services

March 2nd

When identifying shipping best practices there are numerous methodologies, carriers, and shipment service choices to consider. These should be assessed Read More

Striking a Balance: Centralized vs. Decentralized Procurement

January 3rd

The structure of a Procurement Department within an organization can dramatically impact the effectiveness of the sourcing and purchasing activities. Over the years, more companies have made the transition to Read More

Lessons Learned in Supplier Relationship Management - A Consultant's Experience with Chicken and Construction

December 10th

Growing up, my favorite fast food restaurant was the Harold’s Chicken Shack on 87th and State right off the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago. It is still open today. (I highly recommend the half dark and mild sauce order). While in college, I took a road tr… Read More

In Procurement Circles, a Company is Only as Good as its Network of Suppliers

November 1st

Supply chain resilience and business continuity are close cousins. If one sputters, the other is immediately placed at risk. To avoid disruptions in business continuity, supply chain-induced risk events (such as products that are delivered late or products… Read More

Spend Analysis: Where’s the ROI?! 3 Responses to a Tough Question

October 27th

I’m no stranger to discussing all the great things in store for the Procurement team who spends the time to develop a solid spend analysis. Pat on the back, I’d like to think Read More

When tactical gains don’t translate into strategic victory

October 27th

In the iconic movie, Apocalypse Now, there is a famous battle where the helicopters swooped in on a village while playing Read More

3 Strategies for Enhancing Collaborative Innovation with Suppliers

October 13th

(This article is an extract from a article and is published courtesy of The old leadership adage: ‘You’re only as good as your team’ truly applies when it comes to optimizing the innovation, supplier collaboration can cre… Read More

Automated Warranty Management Systems Drive Expense Reduction

September 28th

To cope with increasing market competition among manufacturers, only continuous innovation and better service delivery to the customers can assure success. For both buyer and seller, it is equally important to curb expenses by Read More

The Ideal Recipe for Successful Zero-Based Budgeting Implementation

September 28th

Meticulous budgeting has always played an important role in efficient allocation of resources in the business world. The most common budgeting method used by organizations Read More

The Live Negotiation Part 2: Setting Your eAuction Up for Success

September 28th

After thoroughly considering the spend category, you’ve decided to run an eAuction. The next step in the process is determining your move forward strategy. Think of the process almost as a multiplayer board game and you’re the game master. It is your respo… Read More

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