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Who in Procurement Can Mine the Benefits of Digitization and Big Data?

September 17th

Predictive analytics is a discipline that identifies stable patterns in data, which can in turn be used to try to predict future events. Early adopters believe it will Read More

Visual Management 101 – Visualizing Business Processes to Drive Efficiency and Oversight

September 17th

Business leaders often throw around the term ‘Visual Management’ as a core part of the lean manufacturing philosophy. However, despite touting the importance of Read More

The Live Negotiation Part 1: Should you run an eAuction?

September 17th

In 2017, technology is King. Whether you’re part of an in-house procurement team, or utilizing the services of a third-party procurement provider, Read More

Do Organizations Really Need a Management System to Achieve Their Financial Goals and Meet Objectives?

August 19th

Throughout my consulting career, I have heard endless statements about management systems from directors and presidents, from organizations of different sizes, from all Read More

How Do You Define Spend Under Management?

July 19th

How do you manage performance of a procurement organization? Savings delivery? Project execution? Supplier management? Lots of metrics can be used to measure Read More

Purchasing Automation vs. Manual Part 2: Does Purchase Order Automation make sense for your company?

June 27th

In Purchasing Automation vs. Manual Part 1: Why PO Automation is Taking Off, we learned from industry experts, Michael Croasdale, MRO expert from Source One Management Services and Tom Kieley, co-founder of SourceDay, the driving forces behind why companie… Read More

Top 10 Strategies for Reducing Equipment Maintenance Budgets

June 22nd

Big manufacturing companies with declining sales are always under pressure to manage their costs. Maintenance is a huge expense item Read More

Prime-Time: Amazon’s Disruption of Traditional Retail

June 22nd

Right now, it’s good to be Amazon. Read More

Procurement vs. Cyber Attacks: Who Can Win in the Long Run?

June 22nd

Last month, hackers had a big “win,” as they released the notable WannaCry cyberattack across 150 countries, affecting more Read More

The Sewing was Sent to San Salvador

June 2nd

There WAS a company in southeast USA who manufactured private label sports clothing; they HAD five plants within a 10-mile radius of each other. The company CEO initiated a call to all Read More

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