George E. Krauter

George Krauter, former founder and president of Industrial Systems Assoc. [I.S.A.] has retired as vice president of Synovos.

Currently, he has initiated, "George Krauter Consulting [GKC]"  for effective reliability and cost recovery for consumers  of MRO materials. George is a recognized authority on the management of the MRO supply chain and support for maintenance reliability programs. His book, "OUTSOURCING MRO...FINDING A BETTER WAY" is available from Amazon and from Reliability Web.com.

He is published in Uptime, Modern Distribution Management, and Supply and Demand Chain Executive. George has conducted seminars across North America, in Europe, and in the U.A.R. as well as a guest speaker at Temple U., Howard U., Duke, and MIT.

George is a graduate of Temple University; he lives with his wife, Joyce, in Bucks County, PA. All grand kids live within eating distance. He can be reached anytime:   georgekrauter@comcast.net.

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A True Story of a Real Battle: Procurement vs. Operations

July 5th

The CEO of a large multi-plant corporation sent a memo to the procurement CPO instructing him to reduce the company’s expenditures by 22% in the coming year. The same memo was sent to the operations Read More

When it Comes to MRO, “The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same”

June 22nd

In the late sixties, there was a method of MRO supply called “Systems Contracting,” initiated and applied by the Carborundum Company who required Read More

Uncovering Obvious Procurement Cost Savings

June 22nd

Procurement is continually under pressure to find areas of cost that can be recovered or eliminated. Although the MRO spend dollars are low when compared to Read More

The “5 S” Approach to Reliable MRO Operations

May 18th

“5 S” (sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain) is a system of organization that increases the likelihood that production will occur exactly as planned. 5 S approaches are designed to keep the workplace safe and productive; the concept contends … Read More

Business Simplification: MRO is a Good Place to Start

May 3rd

Companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs; simplification of business procedures can have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. The process of purchasing, receiving and paying for MRO parts produces Read More

Overcoming the Obstacles to Improved MRO

April 11th

In the world of MRO operations, even with multiple attempts to change, improve, increase reliability, the status quo in most plants seems to prevail. Read More

How One Manufacturing Company Established a World-class MRO Operation

March 31st

It all started with one key large company manufacturing executive proclaiming “Something must be done to improve MRO’s contribution to our business goals”. Read More

How the Wisdom of Winston Churchill Can be Applied to MRO Efficiency Improvement

March 2nd

Winston Churchill once said “Things do not get better by being let alone. Unless they are adjusted, the explode with a shattering detonation.” How apt these sentences are when considering the current state of most maintenance, repair and operations supply… Read More

Time to Revisit the Costly Ways that MRO Suppliers are Selected

February 16th

Now is the time of the year when procurement managers are asked for plans to reduce "costs" for the year. Most MRO procurement departments are measured Read More

Batter up! How MRO has Much to Learn from Baseball

February 16th

Tom Hanks said that there is no crying in baseball; there is a lot of crying in the world of MRO. Read More

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