George E. Krauter

George Krauter currently serves as Vice President for Synovos in Radnor, Pa. He is recognized as the originator of the concept that became known as “integrated supply.” He has participated as a guest speaker at Reliability 2.0, ISM Indirect Conference, International Maintenance Conference (IMC), The Conference Board, and events for APICS, SMRP, and ISM professional chapters. 

George is recognized as an authority on methods to achieve reliable, maintenance-connected MRO storerooms; he has published his experiences in Uptime Magazine, Food Manufacturing, My Purchasing Center, and Supply & Demand Chain Executive. He holds a B.A. and M.B.A.A. from Temple University (Philadelphia) and has conducted seminars internationally (Oslo, Abu Dhabi) as well as sessions at Duke University, MIT, Howard University, and Temple. He lives in Bucks County, Pa., with his wife Joyce; all grandkids live within eating distance. You may reach George by phone at 610-246-6492.

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The Purchasing MRO “Mumpsimus”

July 19th

Mumpsimus is defined as: “The adherence or persistence to an erroneous practice out of habit or obstinacy…A person who persists in a mistaken practice.” Read More

Unforced Errors…Unforced Costs

May 22nd

In the world of sports, reference is made to unforced errors that add to the reasons for losses. In tennis, an unforced error occurs when a ball SHOULD be returned to an opponent. However, when it Read More

How Master Data and Master Data Leadership Simplifies Business and Cuts Costs

April 20th

In the world of MRO supply chain management, “master data” refers to applying proper and Read More

Make No Mistake: Trying Something New in MRO is Worth the Risk

March 1st

Keeping the status quo is safe, especially when change is considered radical, aka MRO outsourcing. Are the benefits of change worth the risk? How would you know if you do not investigate the potentials? As Albert Einstein said, You can’t make a mistake if … Read More

Alea Iacta Est. The Die is Cast

February 2nd

It has always been a dilemma for me to understand why companies continue to operate their own MRO storerooms when lack of proper MRO management is a major cause of downtime, worker inefficiency and a drain on plant reliability levels. Read More

Master Data Leadership: MRO Inventory Recovered and Sustained

January 3rd

Duplicate parts exist under different names, descriptions and brands. There was one plant that had AA batteries under six different names in six different storeroom locations. Why does this happen? From an overall view, it happens because of lack of attent… Read More

What’s in It for Me?

December 1st

In most cases, the MRO buyer will see 3PMRO as a process that will eliminate the buyer’s job. In the real MRO world, the MRO buyer is elevated to a higher level of supervision via managing this new process (3PMRO) that has provided new channels of profitab… Read More

Perfection at MRO is Not Attainable

November 1st

The “world class” MRO storeroom provides continual cost recovery, high efficiency and lower investment costs. World class, as defined, provides optimum return on investment (ROI) while connecting MRO management procedures to the needs of maintenance lean r… Read More

Does Ultracrepidarian Influence Have a Negative Effect on MRO Storeroom Performance?

October 3rd

In a recent Uptime magazine editorial, Terry O’Hanlon stated, “To know about being up at bat in a major league baseball game is very different than experiencing being at bat in a major league baseball game.” May I say that knowing about MRO management is a… Read More

MRO Supply Chain Logistics: When is Enough Enough?

September 1st

Why do companies that manufacture products also operate hardware stores, i.e. their MRO storeroom? It certainly is not their area of expertise! Conversely, profitable hardware stores do not manufacture anything; they provide logistics to their markets for … Read More

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