George E. Krauter

George Krauter, former founder and president of Industrial Systems Assoc. [I.S.A.] has retired as vice president of Synovos.

Currently, he has initiated, "George Krauter Consulting [GKC]"  for effective reliability and cost recovery for consumers  of MRO materials. George is a recognized authority on the management of the MRO supply chain and support for maintenance reliability programs. His book, "OUTSOURCING MRO...FINDING A BETTER WAY" is available from Amazon and from Reliability Web.com.

He is published in Uptime, Modern Distribution Management, and Supply and Demand Chain Executive. George has conducted seminars across North America, in Europe, and in the U.A.R. as well as a guest speaker at Temple U., Howard U., Duke, and MIT.

George is a graduate of Temple University; he lives with his wife, Joyce, in Bucks County, PA. All grand kids live within eating distance. He can be reached anytime:   georgekrauter@comcast.net.

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Perfection at MRO is Not Attainable

November 1st

The “world class” MRO storeroom provides continual cost recovery, high efficiency and lower investment costs. World class, as defined, provides optimum return on investment (ROI) while connecting MRO management procedures to the needs of maintenance lean r… Read More

Does Ultracrepidarian Influence Have a Negative Effect on MRO Storeroom Performance?

October 3rd

In a recent Uptime magazine editorial, Terry O’Hanlon stated, “To know about being up at bat in a major league baseball game is very different than experiencing being at bat in a major league baseball game.” May I say that knowing about MRO management is a… Read More

MRO Supply Chain Logistics: When is Enough Enough?

September 1st

Why do companies that manufacture products also operate hardware stores, i.e. their MRO storeroom? It certainly is not their area of expertise! Conversely, profitable hardware stores do not manufacture anything; they provide logistics to their markets for … Read More

MRO Dystopia

August 1st

Dystopia is defined as an imagined place in which everything is unpleasant or bad. Those who went on to Yale, et al., were considered to be going to a “dystopian” situation (did not get to college, dead-end jobs, etc.); nothing could have been farther from… Read More

Consistency and Change in MRO

July 1st

Companies should recognize that every plant function is a candidate for cost recovery and increased productivity. Ignoring the MRO recovery potential because, “this is the way we have always done it” is not consistent with goals of increased productivity. Read More

The Obbligato of MRO

June 1st

Let’s look at atypical MRO scenario where the MRO storeroom is apparently performing fairly well since there are few complaints from maintenance management. Typically, maintenance just stops complaining and will take on necessary activities to supplement a… Read More

Critical Spares and a Mailbox: O’Henry, Where Are You?

May 3rd

A major target of cash/cost recovery is MRO inventory that is not moving, the items considered to be obsolete. CFOs are usually charged with recovering the cash that is invested but, in the case of critical spares, there are times when so called dead inven… Read More

In Over their Heads or a Deliberate Mess Up?

April 4th

In manufacturing, malice can be the ruin of a company especially in the world of critical MRO spares where everyone has an opinion and many have complaints. There is a storeroom managed by a third party where the fill rate was 98.5%, up from 76% when the s… Read More

The MRO Supply Chain Vertically Integrated?

March 1st

Companies that purchase MRO goods and services should not be in the hardware store business even when they are in the hardware store business and do not realize it. Read More

Throughput and MRO Connected? Who Would have Thunk it?

February 2nd

Upon investigation, Alice found that the supply chain was functioning just fine. Purchasing and logistics were at optimum regarding the various commodity markets; the suppliers were doing their job and reaching their KPI (Key Performance Indicator) goals. … Read More