George E. Krauter

George Krauter, former founder and president of Industrial Systems Assoc. [I.S.A.] has retired as vice president of Synovos.

Currently, he has initiated, "George Krauter Consulting [GKC]"  for effective reliability and cost recovery for consumers  of MRO materials. George is a recognized authority on the management of the MRO supply chain and support for maintenance reliability programs. His book, "OUTSOURCING MRO...FINDING A BETTER WAY" is available from Amazon and from Reliability Web.com.

He is published in Uptime, Modern Distribution Management, and Supply and Demand Chain Executive. George has conducted seminars across North America, in Europe, and in the U.A.R. as well as a guest speaker at Temple U., Howard U., Duke, and MIT.

George is a graduate of Temple University; he lives with his wife, Joyce, in Bucks County, PA. All grand kids live within eating distance. He can be reached anytime:   georgekrauter@comcast.net.

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Meister Eckhart (1260-1328) was Correct

March 2nd

In the 13th century, Herr Eckhart stated that “The cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.” I did not know that MRO went back that far. I wonder if Herr Eckhart ran an unreliable MRO storeroom. Where was it? In the Saar Basin? On… Read More

Etiology: Pain Without Known Cause

February 3rd

What is the root cause? A root cause analysis (RCA) program is initiated which determines that downtime is the culprit. Everyone goes into a defensive mode including a lot of finger pointing. In looking to RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance), it is dete… Read More

MRO Ideas Not Worth Stealing

January 7th

Here's one: Owning and operating our MRO storeroom in house places us in the best possible position to service the needs of all plant functions. Read More

The Value of Being There, Being Early

December 11th

It is written and a scientifically proven fact that 80% of the value created via networking comes from individuals who are referred to as “loose ties," often from an acquaintance, supplier, client, and, in this case, a complete stranger tied to the Temple … Read More

The High Cost of Ignoring MRO Inventory

November 13th

This company is a leader in its field of expertise; however, $7 million in dead inventory is proof that it lacks knowledge when it comes to MRO. This kind of fat in any of its production functions would have been recognized, changed or eliminated; not so w… Read More

Here We Go Again: The Cost of Processing Purchase Orders

October 8th

There are all kinds of ways to disqualify a “cost/PO” calculation so why do it at all? When it is used to justify alternative purchasing methods which are based on false assumptions there is little basis for fact. There is no question that the traditional … Read More

43 Years and Barely a Dent

September 13th

Basically, the results clearly show that no matter how companies achieve sophisticated “state of the art” manufacturing processes and are leaders in providing precision futuristic products to their markets, they “put up” with MRO situations that detract fr… Read More

The Gatling Gun and the Bayonets

August 6th

The MRO battle continues to be lost because many managers do not have the time to reconstruct their MRO supply capabilities into a world-class reliable operation. They spend all valuable time available looking for parts, expediting rush orders, putting ou… Read More

Supplier’s Profits or Client’s Wellness?

July 8th

The MRO supply chain is fraught with duplicated costs and activities that maintain barriers and conflicts among members of the existing process. Able knows they could help Baker by simplifying the process, but they do not do so because of the need/desire t… Read More

The Need for Change in MRO is Crucial

June 13th

In general, there is little recognition of the importance MRO plays in the well being of plant functions especially at the “C” level. In most cases, CHANGE is not even a part of the thinking process because there is little recognition of MRO as a profit co… Read More