George E. Krauter

George Krauter, former founder and president of Industrial Systems Assoc. [I.S.A.] has retired as vice president of Synovos.

Currently, he has initiated, "George Krauter Consulting [GKC]"  for effective reliability and cost recovery for consumers  of MRO materials. George is a recognized authority on the management of the MRO supply chain and support for maintenance reliability programs. His book, "OUTSOURCING MRO...FINDING A BETTER WAY" is available from Amazon and from Reliability Web.com.

He is published in Uptime, Modern Distribution Management, and Supply and Demand Chain Executive. George has conducted seminars across North America, in Europe, and in the U.A.R. as well as a guest speaker at Temple U., Howard U., Duke, and MIT.

George is a graduate of Temple University; he lives with his wife, Joyce, in Bucks County, PA. All grand kids live within eating distance. He can be reached anytime:   georgekrauter@comcast.net.

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Do Your Past Experiences Affect Your Future Decisions? Of Course They Do

May 16th

In the world of MRO, the term “Integrated Supply” has become synonymous with a process whose goal is to cut storeroom costs and increase “service” to maintenance personnel. Too many industrial distributors have claimed to be integrated suppliers; too many … Read More

Critical Spares? I Am Never Without Parts….Stores May Be Out, But Not Me

April 15th

A professional development association in the Midwest requested an analysis of a MRO store room. The company is a large food processor that claimed its stores operation was efficient and constituted effective support of maintenance projects. Something was … Read More

MRO Process Change Could Serve Company Well

March 3rd

Changing all the negative effects of a “STORM” room to a reliable world-class “STORE” room requires that all departments recognize and accept the process that will affect the change benefits; ergo, the line from Mr. Meacham’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book…..… Read More

More Fear of the Unknown: No Change, No Matter What the Cost

February 12th

At a recent expo, we surveyed reliability engineers and purchasing managers to determine their views on their MRO stores effectiveness. Seventy-four percent said that their MRO stores were unreliable and a constraint to proper asset management; another 10%… Read More

A Real Life Outsourcing Experience

November 19th

Selecting on initial price is dangerous and would lead to an erroneous decision. Simply put, pick the company that has your goals as their core business. If you do, you will succeed. Read More

45 Years….And The Beat Goes On

October 24th

For 45 years, I have expostulated to those who would listen about the values that can be released from MRO (both financial and non-financial) if the proper change process is followed. This effort has been met with some measure of success in that many compa… Read More

Need a Pep Talk on Managing MRO Costs?

August 8th

MRO represents the largest percentage for total cost of ownership (TCO) recovery opportunity among all the various cost reduction efforts pursued. A leading consultant pointed out that MRO savings amounted to 15% to 20% compared to production savings of 2%… Read More

Understanding MRO or Not

July 1st

MRO turmoil can be the cause of many destructive plant happenings, but the most devastating is the profit drain caused by the unreliable and unconnected stores operation. The understanding that MRO stores must be connected to reliable maintenance programs … Read More

Are You Up to Your Assets in MRO Parts?

May 31st

Engineering functions are not managed by cafeteria personnel, ergo, MRO store management should not be managed by personnel who have job descriptions and training outside of the expertise needed for optimum performance. Read More

Lower Price, Higher Cost: A Real-Life Case Study

April 26th

In a recently conducted study of total MRO costs and consumption for a manufacturing company, a comparison was made of pricing and service response (on-time delivery, etc.) from local suppliers vs. pricing and service response from LTAs (Long-Term Agreemen… Read More