George E. Krauter

George Krauter, former founder and president of Industrial Systems Assoc. [I.S.A.] has retired as vice president of Synovos.

Currently, he has initiated, "George Krauter Consulting [GKC]"  for effective reliability and cost recovery for consumers  of MRO materials. George is a recognized authority on the management of the MRO supply chain and support for maintenance reliability programs. His book, "OUTSOURCING MRO...FINDING A BETTER WAY" is available from Amazon and from Reliability Web.com.

He is published in Uptime, Modern Distribution Management, and Supply and Demand Chain Executive. George has conducted seminars across North America, in Europe, and in the U.A.R. as well as a guest speaker at Temple U., Howard U., Duke, and MIT.

George is a graduate of Temple University; he lives with his wife, Joyce, in Bucks County, PA. All grand kids live within eating distance. He can be reached anytime:   georgekrauter@comcast.net.

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Don't Bury MRO Supplier Innovation

January 23rd

Provider “A” presents a new and highly effective spending control and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction to an industrial facility in the Southeast. The facility can realize a 20-25% spend recovery in a major spend area. Read More

The MRO Pricing Mystery

January 4th

Manufacturers of MRO products that sell via distributors produce products and arrive at their standard cost of goods. They then follow varying pricing policies to these authorized distributors. For example, there are different list prices for different mar… Read More

Outsourcing: Opportunity for Career Growth

December 1st

Fear of job loss to the outsourcing of non-core functions is short-sighted and dangerous. Those in such situations have career opportunities in supporting the outsourcing benefits to their companies. Read More

Conflict of Disciplines: A Case Study

November 7th

Bob’s plant has established Lean principles with a high level of success; and yet, he must put up with a “Fat” MRO operation that diminishes the ROI benefits from Lean. Read More

Cui Bono...To Whom Are Benefits Awarded?

October 14th

Cui bono, a Latin phrase, can be translated into “Who gets credit for MRO process improvement?” Cui bono is one of the major deterrents to improvement programs in the world of MRO distribution. Read More

The MRO Outsourcing Carousel: Around It Goes

September 29th

“Well, look at this – the fee from the provider is clearly shown in the contract. If we do it ourselves, we can save the 3PMRO fees, and we can report the savings...We can buy much better than 3PMRO providers.” Read More

Does Your MRO Integrator Make Wine or Just Stomp the Grapes?

September 22nd

Traditional distributors are quite successful in providing service and competitive pricing to the market of their choice. Many of these distributors are confronted with market requests to become an integrator, i.e. operate their clients’ MRO storerooms on-… Read More

Response to “10 Epic Fails in MRO Management Data”

June 28th

A recent article published entitled “10 Epic Fails in MRO Master Management Data” by Nupur Agrawal is an accurate account of the perplexities that exist in the data world for MRO SKUs. The real world problems inherent in the naming of MRO SKUs along with c… Read More

You Cannot “Sell” A Change To 3PMRO To An MRO Buyer…Or Can You?

June 7th

Is it possible to sell the concept of 3PMRO to the MRO Buyer? A recent encounter indicates the answer is Yes. Read More

A New Broom Sweeps Clean...Well, Not Always

May 16th

What to do when new management (a broom) comes in and changes (sweeps clean) existing MRO procedures? Can they really do it themselves and save the company money? Read More