Rich Weissman

Endicott College Assistant Professor Rich Weissman teaches management courses for the School of Business and the Van Loan Graduate School. He is also the director of corporate education, which includes the Center for Leadership, Endicott’s management development institute. He is vice chair of the planning committee and also serves on the technology committee and the Institution Review Board.  A practitioner turned educator, Weissman has more than 25 years of experience in all facets of procurement and supply chain management. He has held positions with large business units of Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized contract manufacturing companies, small venture-backed Internet startup firms, and third-party procurement, consulting and strategic sourcing firms. 

Rich holds an M.S. in Management from Lesley University and a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University. He is past president of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston and a recipient of the Harry J. Graham Memorial Award, the highest honor bestowed by the association.

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A bitter buyer-seller divorce

March 30th

It was as acrimonious and sensational as any Hollywood high-profile divorce, but the ramifications were far deeper and more widespread. And it seems they were not alone. Steve Seller and Beth Buyer had announced that they are separating after 20 years of s… Read More

Real time risk

March 23rd

As I write this there are cruise missiles being launched at Libya from United States and British war ships, the nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan is still on the verge of a meltdown, oil is well over $100 a barrel, pirates are still on the prowl off the coa… Read More

My advice to a new buyer

March 11th

I got an interesting e-mail recently from a recent college graduate who wants to break into the purchasing profession. After realizing that is was not in my spam file but a real request (!), I read further. Seems that this person is working in sales in the… Read More

United States of Strategic Sourcing

March 1st

I did a double take while reading through yesterday’s New York Times when I read David Yarkin’s op-ed piece Saving States the Sam’s Club Way. This was a well written article about the merits of strategic sourcing in state government. Yarkin’s premise was a… Read More

Very social networking

February 26th

For the past several years I have been dipping my toe in social networking. I work in academia so Facebook is quite popular with students and staff alike and it is quickly turning into the primary marketing and communication tool for prospective students a… Read More

The value of a good supplier

January 25th

I teach a master level course called “Leveraging Technology”. It is a required course in a master of education program and I teach it from a business perspective. We discuss topics from social networking to the cloud to Internet security. I teach it online… Read More

Keeping the customer satisfied

January 25th

It was an embarrassing moment for everyone. The customer in front of me at a local Dunkin' Donuts shop ordered a small plain iced coffee. When she saw the clerk put cream and sugar in the plastic cup, she spoke up and said that she wanted a plain iced coff… Read More

A bag of rocks

January 25th

I teach both undergraduate (younger) and graduate (older) students. I also teach adult students. All have different needs, requirements and responsibilities. Recently I've had a rash of issues with students who needed to attend to family issues, either wit… Read More

The engineers among us

January 25th

Of all of the functional areas of a business, I find the engineering function to be the most difficult one to navigate. Perhaps some in the discipline lack people skills, embrace functional snobbery, or are unable to simplify a complex subject. Or, in some… Read More