Rich Weissman

Endicott College Assistant Professor Rich Weissman teaches management courses for the School of Business and the Van Loan Graduate School. He is also the director of corporate education, which includes the Center for Leadership, Endicott’s management development institute. He is vice chair of the planning committee and also serves on the technology committee and the Institution Review Board.  A practitioner turned educator, Weissman has more than 25 years of experience in all facets of procurement and supply chain management. He has held positions with large business units of Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized contract manufacturing companies, small venture-backed Internet startup firms, and third-party procurement, consulting and strategic sourcing firms. 

Rich holds an M.S. in Management from Lesley University and a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University. He is past president of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston and a recipient of the Harry J. Graham Memorial Award, the highest honor bestowed by the association.

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Making Sense of Supply Chain Analytics

June 2nd

But I am a relationship guy so sometimes the move to full-blown analytics rubs me the wrong way. I often chose a handshake over a spreadsheet. But doing this project allowed me to strike a balance. I found that I have always used analytics to manage suppli… Read More

Supply Chain Risk: Knowledge Management

March 31st

What happens in your company if Jim, the manufacturing engineer who knows the product and your suppliers inside and out, decides to leave? Sure you can hire another Jim but you can’t capture his knowledge or experience. Now assume that Mary, the production… Read More

Supply Chain Management in the USA

March 18th

The evolution to a supply chain services company has been an interesting one for Banneker Industries. Until 1995 they were a successful machine shop that specialized in machined castings, turnings, and sheet metal work. “One of our long-standing customers … Read More

Meet Indirect Procurement's Rising Star for 2014

March 14th

My day-to-day philosophy focuses on the constant change in the workplace,” says Evan Davis, Sourcing Execution Analyst at MeadWestvaco, and recipient of a 2014 Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories Award. “You just can’t continue to do the same thin… Read More

ISM CEO Tom Derry Looks Ahead

February 24th

ISM wants to help people understand their career path and identify and understand the competencies that they need to master. “We are also becoming more proactive to the needs of companies, including customizing professional development programs just for th… Read More

Reshoring Initiative: Cost to Bring Back Manufacturing

February 3rd

Working back through the domestic supply chain, the Reshoring Initiative also trains suppliers to demonstrate to manufacturers the economic advantages of local sourcing. “We will continue our ‘return-manufacturing-home’ message until all U.S. manufacturers… Read More

I Was an SKU

January 7th

I like the concept of balancing the “e” and “we” when it comes to managing the supply chain. While we certainly need technology to do our jobs, the human touch goes very far. Just ask the oil delivery driver who got a piece of warm banana bread when he was… Read More

Fabricator Bucks Offshore Headwinds

December 4th

"The more typical model is that ESC will build prototypes for the OEM to prove design," ESC's Jim Limperis tells My Purchasing Center. "We might then build a couple of rounds of prototypes, and a pilot production run, until the design is more stable for of… Read More

Hyundai Motors Manufactures in America

November 24th

The supply chain for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, LLC, is both international and domestic. There are 78 suppliers based in North America, 35 of which are based in Alabama. Having suppliers close to the Hyundai’s Montgomery, Ala.,, plant enhances Hy… Read More

Labor, Productivity, Key to Global Sourcing Decisions

November 24th

“The availability of labor may be the number-one metric when looking at the economic model of sourcing between the United States and China, or other countries,” says Economist Laura Hodges at IHS. “Cost is no longer the only determinant.” She looks at a to… Read More