Rich Weissman

Endicott College Assistant Professor Rich Weissman teaches management courses for the School of Business and the Van Loan Graduate School. He is also the director of corporate education, which includes the Center for Leadership, Endicott’s management development institute. He is vice chair of the planning committee and also serves on the technology committee and the Institution Review Board.  A practitioner turned educator, Weissman has more than 25 years of experience in all facets of procurement and supply chain management. He has held positions with large business units of Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized contract manufacturing companies, small venture-backed Internet startup firms, and third-party procurement, consulting and strategic sourcing firms. 

Rich holds an M.S. in Management from Lesley University and a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University. He is past president of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston and a recipient of the Harry J. Graham Memorial Award, the highest honor bestowed by the association.

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Mentor Expands Reach With Social Media

May 24th

“Supply chain professionals need to understand their objectives and continue to advance in their careers,” says George Ellis, the Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing and Global Fleet Management for a mid-Atlantic global manufacturing company. Read More

A Not So Satisfied Customer

May 24th

While I like to rate customer service experiences I am not a bad customer. Ask my suppliers. I say please and thank you, even for less than stellar service. I also thanked you yesterday but you were too busy looking for someone else to alienate to acknowle… Read More

Graduation Time

May 13th

Those of us in supply chain think our experience is limited to procurement, logistics, and maybe quality or some technology. But to think that sells ourselves short. I have successfully used supply chain management experiences successfully in classes as di… Read More

That Pesky Supply Chain Risk

May 1st

So what does that mean for the average buyer? Perhaps nothing…but perhaps an impending shortage somewhere in the supply chain that will impact deliveries several weeks or months from now. And how will the buyer know about it? Read More

Spirit of Sustainability

April 2nd

This brings me to sustainability and the supply chain. I lecture on it. I teach it. I write about it. And, I consider myself a strong advocate of the concept of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ elements of economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental stew… Read More

Life After the Buy Side

March 25th

“Today there is too much emphasis on lowering price and sending out bids to six or ten bidders,” says Jim Limperis, Sales Manager at Electronic Sheetmetal Craftsmen. “There seems to be no thought on developing kanban or blanket orders or early design invol… Read More

Companies are Hiring Procurement Pros

March 14th

“We are seeing positions in supply chain management, sourcing and logistics still require solid experience in procurement. In fact, our data show that 62% of all supply chain jobs have a purchasing component to them.” Read More

What Engineers Know About Procurement

March 2nd

It seems that very few of the engineers had any sort of introduction to the procurement process. I was at first surprised at their lack of familiarity and then I was sad. What a missed opportunity. Read More

Treat Your Boss Like a Supplier

March 1st

It is important to actively pursue a healthy and productive working relationship with your boss based on mutual respect and understanding, that is, understanding our own and our bosses’ strengths, weaknesses, goals, work styles and needs. Read More

It’s All How You Approach Suppliers

February 23rd

Now, I am not bashing any of the initiatives I’ve mentioned here. They are all valuable in their own right. What I am embarrassed about was how I approached these suppliers. It was with arrogance and bravado…I’m lucky I didn’t walk out of some shops with a… Read More