My Purchasing Center Top 10 for 2012

Since I have information on what you and your colleagues--and competitors--in procurement and supply management are reading at My Purchasing Center, I will share it with you. 

Everyone loves a Top 10 list!

These articles and blogs are among the best-read by our audience of procurement and supply management professionals. The list presents a great mix written by the My Purchasing Center team of editors and bloggers and contributed by our valued partners. Topics range from managing MRO inventory to purchasing salary to steel prices to risk management--and are a gauge to what interested procurement and supply pros most in the past 12 months. (We do have a three-way tie at ninth place so there are really 12 articles and blogs on the My Purchasing Center Top 10 list for 2012, and one blog on negotiating with sole sources by Soheila Lunney was posted on our nearly two years ago. The information is still relevant and continues to interest!) 

First, though, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, especially OfficeMax and Grainger for helping to make 2012 a success. I’d also like to thank our new partners, the Purchasing Management Association of Boston, the American Purchasing Society and the National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals. Everyone at My Purchasing Center looks forward to growing these valuable relationships. 

And I cannot neglect to mention our editorial team of bloggers and editors. First the bloggers: John Campi, George Krater, Paulo Moretti, Soheila Lunney, Mike Rager, Ditka Reiner, Mary Walker, Rich Weissman and then the editors: John Hall, Doug Smock and Rich Weissman. A special thanks too to our guest bloggers and writers and the sources in procurement and supply management and others we interviewed in 2012.  

Then, there’s everyone who participated in and helped with our video interviews, podcast interviews and webcasts, especially the four most recent events in the The OfficeMax Professional Development Series: Your Career in Indirect Procurement. My Purchasing Center’s content partners were big contributors to our success in 2012 as well. Great job, all! I’d like to recognize everyone in procurement and supply management at Accenture, ADR North America, A.T. Kearney, Gartner, Forrester, The Hackett Group, SmartCube and Vantage Partners. A big thank you to all these folks!

A special thanks to Carina Kuhl and her team at ProcureCon for their assistance with the first My Purchasing Center Executive Roundtable discussion and the launch of our new Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories (EPIC) Award. We’ll be announcing the recipients of this award in four categories--individual, team, rising star and supplier at the ProcureCon Indirect East conference on February 11, 2013 in Charlotte, N.C. The entries--I helped with some of the judging--were simply amazing. 

Last but not least, My Purchasing Center Editorial Advisory Board members who helped with the EPIC award judging and other projects throughout the year. I’ll be calling on you again in 2013 for guidance, and I especially look forward to working with new members of our board such as Heidi Landry-Chan, CPO at Dow Corning. Thank you!

I do not want to forget the My Purchasing Center Transaction Price Team. We just started sending our our monthly surveys in December. Thank you to all the procurement and supply management professionals who are sharing with us the prices they pay for the commodities (metals, chemicals, plastics, energy) they buy everyday. Watch the site for new price info early next year!

And, of course, our audience of procurement and supply management professionals. My Purchasing Center thanks everyone who joined us in 2012, by signing up for our weekly e-newsletter, reading articles and blogs, downloading white papers and our new e-guide, watching videos, shopping at our bookstore and participating in webcasts. We could not do it without you. 

We have lots of new ideas and plans for next year and want to hear from you. Let us know what you want to see at My Purchasing Center in 2013. Respond to this blog or contact me by email at

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and Happy Holidays!

Now, the My Purchasing Center Top 10 for 2012:

1. Category Management: Beyond the Strategic in Strategic Sourcing contributed by The Hackett Group 

2. Steel Price Forecast for 2013 by John Hall 

3. Metrics for Purchasing: A Framework that Works by Paulo Moretti

4. Best Advice on MRO Inventory Management: Just Start  

5. How to Negotiate with Sole Sources by Soheila Lunney  

6. Procurement Salary: Education Opens Doors by Rich Weissman 

7. Benchmark in Purchasing: Are You Worse in Class? by Paulo Moretti 

8. MRO Sourcing: Optimism Reigns 

9. Best Practices for Negotiating with Key Suppliers contributed by Vantage Partners, Justification for Increasing Procurement Headcount by Soheila Lunney, SunTrust Bank Refines Procurement 

10. Risk Management: A Comprehensive View for Purchasing by Paulo Moretti 

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