• 2017 EPIC Awards to Honor the Best of Indirect Procurement

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    2017 EPIC Awards to Honor the Best of Indirect Procurement

    Continuing the tradition of honoring the best in indirect procurement, ProcureCon and My Purchasing Center have opened the competition for the 2017 EPIC Awards. The two are accepting nominations for six EPIC Awards: Career, Individual, Team, Rising Star, Innovator and Supplier. 

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  • Profile of the MRO Procurement Professional

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  • Throughput and MRO Connected? Who Would Have Thunk It?

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Procurement Debates: Is Category Management Obsolete?

Susan Avery

Procurement and supply management professionals attending ProcureCon Indirect East in Orlando on March 6-8 will have the opportunity to listen to and weigh in on a debate on the relevancy of category management. Brian Kyle, Managing Director, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Management at American Cancer Society, Inc., and Garry Christie, Director, Procurement at Advanced Micro Devices, are scheduled to lead the session during the 10th annual event Read More

Temporary Labour Procurement Maturity: How Your Performance Compares to World-Class

Guest Editor

As per staffing industry analysts, temporary labour features among the top three high-spend categories among 60% of Fortune 500 companies. The role of procurement has never been more important to manage this significant spend which can spill over $1billion. Read More

Quick Guide to Fleet Management Services

Source One Management Services

Fleet Management Companies (FMC) provide a spectrum of outsourced fleet-related services from asset management to vehicle remarketing to consultative services and everything in between. This post will focus on commonly purchased light fleet services for your standard sedan-centered fleets. Read More

Peeling Back the Stakeholder Interview Process

Source One Management Services

To properly source any category, you have to not only understand the category itself but also fully understand the specific needs of your stakeholders –their requirements and to some extent even preferences. As a procurement consultant, I find stakeholder interviews to be a crucial and valuable part of the strategic sourcing process. Collecting this qualitative data in additional to your quantitative spend data lays the foundation for an effecting sourcing strategy. Read More

Latest Videos

Rexam Plastic Packaging

Scott S. Vrablik, Vice President, Supply Chain Americas at Rexam Plastic Packaging, is a Grainger customer. It's his first time at the show. He's visiting suppliers and has found ideas on electricity conservation to take back to the office with him.

Philips Lighting

Thad Hill of Philips Lighting speaks with My Purchasing Center's Susan Avery about LED technology, how it compares to current lighting technology and the benefits of switching that include energy cost savings.

Honeywell Safety

At the 2012 Grainger Show, R. Donovan Baker of Honeywell Safety Products discusses OSHA compliance and cost management with My Purchasing Center's Susan Avery.

Latest Blog Posts

Master Data Leadership: MRO Inventory Recovered and Sustained

George E. Krauter
Read Bio

Duplicate parts exist under different names, descriptions and brands. There was one plant that had AA batteries under six different names in six different storeroom locations. Why does this happen? From an overall view, it happens because of lack of attention to proper management of MRO operations. Specifically, it happens because various requisitioners set up stock units without checking to see if the same item exists in stock under a different description. Read More

Sourcing Energy in Mexico Brings Challenges for Procurement

Ana Sofia Gomez
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Since 2013, when reform opportunities began, it is still a challenge for organizations, especially procurement, to understand and evaluate the market mechanisms and options available to source energy and potential new suppliers emerging that seek to offer advisory services, design and supply of electricity. This energy reform represents many opportunities, but has also created many challenges for procurement at many companies. Read More

What’s in It for Me?

George E. Krauter
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In most cases, the MRO buyer will see 3PMRO as a process that will eliminate the buyer’s job. In the real MRO world, the MRO buyer is elevated to a higher level of supervision via managing this new process (3PMRO) that has provided new channels of profitability. The buyer’s employment level is enhanced. Read More

Perfection at MRO is Not Attainable

George E. Krauter
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The “world class” MRO storeroom provides continual cost recovery, high efficiency and lower investment costs. World class, as defined, provides optimum return on investment (ROI) while connecting MRO management procedures to the needs of maintenance lean reliability efforts. In addition, in order to be world class, the MRO operation must include: Read More



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Is Logistics Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

More shippers today appear to be outsourcing some or all of their logistics. How does a company decide that outsourcing logistics is the right choice? This white paper can help companies decide, set reasonable expectations for what outsourcing can contribute to the organization, and how much of a ro…

What’s New in Spend Management

Spend management encompasses the entire purchasing lifecycle—from sourcing goods and selecting suppliers to setting up contracts and paying suppliers—and helps buyers take a holistic view of procurement from a competitive vantage point. That’s the definition of spend management we use to develop…

Must Have Information for Every Strategic Sourcing Manager

As we move into a 2016, it’s a safe prediction that buzzwords will continue to dominate the business world. 'Strategic sourcing' is one buzzword that has permeated the procurement function for the past 20 years, but is often hard to describe. Almost every large procurement organization claims to be …

Procurement Skills & Profit: The Correlation

It is undeniable: smart procurement saves organizations money. But the question is: how much money? Does the average procurement professional with “high” skill levels save $10,000 (US) per year more than the average procurement professional with “low” skill levels? $100,000? A million dollars or mo…