• Staples Advantage Gets Personal with Procurement

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    Staples Advantage Gets Personal with Procurement

    Business buyers are familiar with the user-friendly buying experiences delivered by consumer e-commerce and vendor websites, and they now expect the same level of omni-channel service from their suppliers for business purchases

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  • Job Interview Checklist: Prepare and Get Ready to Negotiate

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  • Paper, Packaging Price Forecast 2016: Oil Wildcard

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Procuring Managed Print Services: The Most Efficient Approach

Beroe Inc.

While most Fortune 500 companies have started procuring managed print services worldwide, enterprises have little visibility of best practices and negotiation methodologies followed during the procurement process. Managed print services have evolved from a simple CPP (cost per page model) to different models like Base + Click and Base + Consumables. Read More

Why a GPO Can Be Crucial to Your Business

Guest Editor

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is a well-known buzzword in the healthcare and government industries. Do you know that using one in your business could translate into thousands of dollars of savings on the supplies and resources you use every day? Read More

Eight Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Office Supply Company

Guest Editor

Competition in the office supply market is stiff, and plenty of companies would like to have your business. But, there is a difference between a company that wants to have your business and a company that wants to earn your business. While choosing an office supply company isn’t a glamorous task, it’s a task that shouldn’t be entered into without some careful consideration. Read More

Six Essential Elements of a Winning Global Procurement Strategy

Guest Editor

Businesses that adopt a global procurement mindset look for ways to streamline purchasing of materials, technologies, and resources, as well as negotiate more competitive deals and financial arrangements. But increasingly, global procurement is being seen as an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen working relationships across different divisions of the company and apply this collective wisdom to drive performance and sales. Read More

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Marketing Procurement Internally, Part 2

Source One’s Fandozzi continues her presentation with a look at ways procurement can meet challenges of sourcing indirect categories. Tools such as reporting, transparency and training can be particularly helpful to market procurement value, she says.

Marketing Procurement Internally, Part 1

In a presentation to supply chain graduate students at Rutgers University, Lindsey Fandozzi, Director, Supply Chain at Source One Management Services, describes challenges procurement faces when sourcing indirect spend categories. Using a case study of Apple as illustration, she shares key points with My Purchasing Center.

Purchasing Jobs Market 2013, Part 2

Looking for a job in procurement? My Purchasing Center continues our talk with Bob McInturff, President and CEO of McInturff & Associates, recruiters for supply chain, operations and procurement, with five simple things you can do to keep yourself current.

Latest Blog Posts

Master the Art of Maximizing Indirect Spending Savings

Rick Bender
Read Bio

When it comes to spending money on supplies, there are a few non-negotiables. However, the areas where buyers can negotiate are far more numerous. And, while it may feel like negotiating prices for paper and other office supplies is spending dollars in time to save a dime, the truth is that you may be stepping over those dollars by missing out on negotiating. According to a CAPS research study, indirect spending accounts for an average of 50% of business costs. Read More

One Way to Improve Morale and Productivity

Rick Bender
Read Bio

Even if your budget or space don’t allow for big-time perks such as a gym, you should be giving your employees something on the job. Everyone likes something for free, and coffee provides many benefits beyond that. As one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, coffee gives your employees a creativity and productivity boost and also just might encourage them to be better friends. Don’t skimp when it comes to employee morale. Read More

Price Increases Don't Have to Spell the End of Profit

Rick Bender
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Don’t take a supplier’s analysis for granted. If they are telling you a price increase will have a negligible difference, do your own research before committing to anything. Understand exactly how it will affect your bottom line to avoid any surprises down the road. Similarly, you should ask for SKU-level information on all price increases to understand how these increases will translate into higher costs for your business. Read More

Staples and Office Depot on the FTC Decision: Good for Procurement?

Susan Avery
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Yesterday, Office Depot issued a news release in which it states that it and Staples intend to contest a decision by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to challenge the merger of the two companies.What do procurement leaders think of the proposed merger? We hear that the merger may affect corporate buyers more than consumers. My Purchasing Center LinkedIn group members started a couple of discussions presenting several different points of view. Read More



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Winning Influence: Procurement Leaders on Approaches for Sourcing Complex Services

In the white paper, Winning Influence, the Roundtable examines topics critical to sourcing complex categories such as procurement model, internal communications, relationships with suppliers and performance metrics.

Overcoming MRO Supply Chain Dysfunction

For most companies in asset-intensive industries, MRO inventories can represent millions of dollars in investment, the vast majority of which often sits unused year after year. This white paper will help shift this MRO mindset while illustrating the economic impact of the silo’ed viewpoint.