Comfort in the Mundane

By Rich Weissman

August 02, 2016 at 7:09 AM

By nature I am an optimist…a glass half full guy. But it is hard these days to remain optimistic. The 24/7 news cycle that rattles on and on with a variety of talking heads telling me what to think, communication reduced to 140 characters (#notafan), national political conventions, terror attacks, and the knowledge that the Russians are probably reading this blog. It is no wonder that our heads are ready to explode and anxiety is at Defcon 5 levels. 

Yet, peel back the onion a bit and you will find normality, even the mundane, in our day-to-day professional lives. Over the past couple of weeks I met with a number of folks in my network for coffee, some at their request and some mine. I like to do that to keep engaged with friends and colleagues, drink some good brew (not always coffee!), and see what is going on in the real world, our world.  

I am happy to say that in none of these meetings were CNN worthy. Here is a brief summary of outcomes:

  • Career advice and resume restructure
  • Recommendation letter (x2)
  • Opportunity to teach a webinar for a professional association
  • Management advice on how to handle a poor-performing team member
  • Support for a colleague in a new job

I enjoyed the meetings, renewed some old friendships and made new ones, and hopefully provided value. I know I got some. Compared to the headlines, all quite tame. But compared to the headlines, this was indeed the real world, or at least as we saw it.

And not a hashtag in sight. 


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Rich Weissman


Endicott College Assistant Professor Rich Weissman teaches management courses for the School of Business and the Van Loan Graduate School. He is also the director of corporate education, which includes the Center for Leadership, Endicott’s management development institute. He is vice chair of the planning committee and also serves on the technology committee and the Institution Review Board.  A practitioner turned educator, Weissman has more than 25 years of experience in all facets of procurement and supply chain management. He has held positions with large business units of Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized contract manufacturing companies, small venture-backed Internet startup firms, and third-party procurement, consulting and strategic sourcing firms. 

Rich holds an M.S. in Management from Lesley University and a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University. He is past president of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston and a recipient of the Harry J. Graham Memorial Award, the highest honor bestowed by the association.

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