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Seven-Star Purchasing (part 2)

Guest Editor

Successful purchasing organizations are increasingly aware that they must put an end to "silo buying" and begin to form and utilize cross-functional teams. In order to increase coordination, internal linkages, communication, resource utilization, focus, efficiency, creativity, and overall effectiveness, cross-functional teams must be trained and developed to assist in guiding the purchasing process. Read More

ProcureCon USA Gets to Core of Procurement Issues

Susan Avery

ProcureCon USA, an event for procurement executives at Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies, returns to Atlanta on October 15-17 with a program that focuses on some of today’s hottest issues--talent management, supplier continuity and global sourcing. Read More

PMABoston, My Purchasing Center Join Forces

Rich Weissman

As the oldest affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), PMABoston has been a regional and national leader in supporting and advancing the purchasing profession through professional development, business survey data collection, and minority business development. True to its roots, purchasing is reflected in its title but the tagline of ‘The Association for Supply Professionals’ reflects the changing profession and membership. Read More

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Risk Management (part 2)

The Smart Cube

Pharmaceutical players need to maintain optimum inventory levels and efficient distribution networks to meet patient demand on time and prevent excessive inventory (as perishable pharmaceutical drugs go to waste if not kept under strictly controlled environments). Read More

Procurement More than Satisfied with Office-Products Supplier Performance

Susan Avery

The 2012 OfficeMax Office Products Industry Study finds suppliers excel at customer service, delivery and quality. More than half of procurement operations in the Study rate their supplier as excellent at providing customer service; 41.3% give their supplier an equally high mark for handling delivery issues and 36% give similar kudos for quality performance. Read More

Global Economy on Travel Buyers’ Minds

Susan Avery

Travel procurement professionals and other executives gathered in Boston this week for the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) annual convention are talking about the effect the downturn in Europe is having on the U.S. economy. Read More

Why Select U.S. Sources?

John Hall

As sales and operations planning becomes a greater focus, Procurement attention on pricing will include inventory requirements and flexibility to meet customer demands. This levels the playing field for the U.S. and near-shore suppliers that traditionally could not compete with Asia. Read More

Procurement Plays Key Role in Decisions to Move Manufacturing from China

John Hall

The biggest impact of the Chinese exodus will be on manufacturing sourcing strategies as companies seek less costly production locations or move their plants closer to places where consumer demand is greatest Read More

Leveraging Data, Analytics, and Geospatial Information Systems to Enhance Global Supply

Maris Listello

Gone are the days that most of the work happened within a single facility, or at worst a few factories close to each other. Supply chains of today are increasingly global and can face disruption by political unrest, adverse weather events, accidents, or even the normal perturbations of human endeavor. Improving supply chains Read More

A Healthy Dose of Data Analytics (Part 2)

A. T. Kearney

Developing a world-class analytics capability is about far more than consolidating terabytes of enterprise data into a reporting data warehouse. Rather, it’s about using that data to change the organizational culture, drive revenue, and improve the quality, service, and cost of care. Read More

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