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Why a GPO Can Be Crucial to Your Business

Guest Editor

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is a well-known buzzword in the healthcare and government industries. Do you know that using one in your business could translate into thousands of dollars of savings on the supplies and resources you use every day? Read More

Will Hanjin’s Bankruptcy Cause Freight Rates to Rise?

Anup Varghese

Hanjin’s bankruptcy has occurred at a time considered to be peak season in terms of annual demand, calling for vessels doing key routes (such as Asia to Europe in this case) to operate at full capacity. Accommodating the tons of cargo that were scheduled to be carried by Hanjin will come at a price for manufacturers as carriers are likely to charge higher than usual rates. Read More

Getting Millennials on Board the Collaborative, Strategic Procurement Bandwagon

Guest Editor

No matter how good your e-procurement solution is, its success depends on user adoption. Getting employees to purchase through an e-procurement system is a hurdle that needs to be overcome in any organization, particularly when it comes to engaging millennials. Read More

Build Procurement’s Brand and Make a Mark on History

Susan Avery

One topic procurement and supply management leaders seek but don’t always find on the agenda of the conferences and events they attend is: Creating and managing the procurement brand. Learning how to market procurement can help the team succeed at meeting—and exceeding—its goals and making a mark on history. Read More

Enterprise Technology Platform Synovos SYNC™ Connects Indirect Materials Supply Chain

Susan Avery

Synovos developed and designed the system which uses cloud technology to help companies manage the supply chain by tying indirect materials to specific assets, work orders, maintenance plans, etc. Indirect materials help keep a facility up and running. Read More

Eight Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Office Supply Company

Guest Editor

Competition in the office supply market is stiff, and plenty of companies would like to have your business. But, there is a difference between a company that wants to have your business and a company that wants to earn your business. While choosing an office supply company isn’t a glamorous task, it’s a task that shouldn’t be entered into without some careful consideration. Read More

Procurement, Supplier Relationships and Operational Performance

Susan Avery

This is where procurement comes in. As leaders of cross functional strategic sourcing teams, procurement is responsible for selecting suppliers and managing their performance. With access to market intelligence such as the REL study and sophisticated tools such as dynamic discounting and supply chain financing, procurement can influence DPO by ensuring the figure is in line with market norms. Read More

How Big Data Insights are Revolutionizing Global Procurement Strategies

Guest Editor

Businesses that collect big data insights are finding that they can refine global procurement strategies and processes with greater precision than ever before. They also can intervene more effectively to resolve problems and challenges, and they can use concrete data instead of intuition and instinct to accomplish this work. One study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management finds Read More

A. Schulman Promotes Chief Procurement Officer Gary Miller

Susan Avery

"Gary is a consummate professional with a proven track record of driving increased operational quality and cost structure improvements," says Joseph M. Gingo, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "He will play a critical role in restoring A. Schulman's operational and financial performance worldwide.” Miller will report to him. Read More

Fleet Sourcing: Evaluating Light Fleet Automobile Manufacturers

Source One Management Services

Whether supporting your sales department or the delivery of your products, a well-equipped and well-managed commercial fleet department is crucial to a well-oiled (pun intended) company. However, sourcing fleet components can be a daunting task. With volatile cost components like fuel, and varying maintenance labor rates, finding savings opportunities while maintaining program consistency can be challenging. Read More

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