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The case for SRM: Reflections on research (part 3)

Vantage Partners

Not surprisingly, there is a real correlation between level of investment in SRM and returns, and many companies significantly underinvest. SRM programs are focused on making major changes to the way a company works with suppliers. Read More

Higher Visibility, Greater Expectations (part 3)

A. T. Kearney

More Automation on the Wish List While purchase-to-pay (P2P) systems have been around for more than 10 years, they are not applied as widely as might be expected Read More

The ADR DNA story (part 3)

ADR North America

As in any aspect of business, a procurement project is very likely to start with an assessment of the current state of affairs within an organisation. It is essential to gauge where you are starting from before considering the various solutions available. Read More

Best practices for negotiating with key suppliers (part 4)

Vantage Partners

Such events involve anticipating and jointly planning for challenges, agreeing on decision-making and escalation procedures for when disagreement or conflict arises, and jointly defining shared performance and relationship health metrics. Transition and joint launch events may also occur when major new contracts are signed. Read More

The case for SRM: Reflections on research (part 2)

Vantage Partners

Sources of value, Our study results and experiences with clients across a number of industries suggest that working collaboratively to reach a minimum threshold of mutual trust, mutual understanding, mutual respect, and open communication is a pre-requisite for the more tangible business value their organizations desire. Read More

Higher Visibility, Greater Expectations (part 2)

A. T. Kearney

Indirect Procurement: Influence on the Rise Where is procurement most influential today, and where does it expect to be involved in the future? Read More

Driving Down the Cost of Raw Materials (part 2)

A. T. Kearney

The third component of our strategy focuses on reducing costs through technical improvements, including reducing complexity, shrinking part-design costs, and segmenting suppliers. Read More

Building The Business Case For SRM

Vantage Partners

Vantage Partners has partnered with IACCM to sponsor an SRM Community of Interest. During the first community teleconference, many of the challenges individuals face in building a business case for Supplier Relationship Management within their organizations was addressed. Read More

Building the business case for SRM (part 2)

Vantage Partners

Question: What value are companies realizing from sourcing activities in comparison to post-contract activities? Answer: Research we just completed (involving over 500 companies globally) indicated that companies realize, on average, only about 55% of the value (savings and otherwise) that they target through their strategic sourcing efforts. Read More

Best practices for negotiating with key suppliers (part 3)

Vantage Partners

Negotiators are assessed and compensated based on overall quality of the deal. Assessments and incentives are based on multiple dimensions beyond price, including, for example, total value created, positive or negative impact on the relationship, value created for the supplier, and the like. Read More

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