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A Better Way to Negotiate

Guest Editor

A supplier has little choice but to agree when confronted with the facts. After all, raising prices when their costs go up is common practice. Refusing to accept the same logic when costs go down would paint the supplier as greedy and unfair, something far worse for business than simply agreeing to a (reasonable) price decrease. Read More

Avoiding Pitfalls When Merging Projects

Guest Editor

By combining projects, the Sourcing team is able to leverage a larger aggregate spend and can increase efficiency within the organization. That is the good news. The bad news is that the increase in project sponsors and other stakeholders increases the chance that complications will arise. Read More

Kaizen: Small Changes, Spectacular Results

Susan Avery

Kaizen Kreativity is a fundamental field manual or guide, in which DePaoli simplifies the methodology for the reader, shares success stories, and points out mistakes he’s made using Kaizen. He wrote the book for both novice and experienced users. Read More

Effective Supplier Evaluation: The Price is Right…How about the Supplier?

The Hackett Group

At the end of the day, the goal any time a company bids out a key category should be to maximize the value the company can receive from the supplier. Therefore, buyers need to receive a well-structured and comprehensive bid from suppliers that will allow the buyers to select the best overall supplier Read More

All Systems Go with SciQuest Integration, Company Says

ThomasNet News

In some of those seven disciplines, including sourcing, SciQuest offers multiple solutions. Mark Digman, vice president of product marketing and strategy, said separately that the company is working on an integrated, “next-generation” Sourcing Director application that could appear by midyear, which would be in time for the next version of the suite since SciQuest spaces out releases every four months. Read More

Reverse Auctions for Energy Empower Healthcare Buyers

John Hall

It is a process that once took weeks to unfurl using paper-based RFPs and fax machines. But today, online reverse auctions for energy are not only streamlining energy procurement, but saving huge dollars for cash-strapped hospitals. Read More

Staying a Step Ahead by Comprehensive Industrial MRO Outsourcing

Beroe Inc.

Sourcing Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) industrial spares has never been easier in select regions and is extremely difficult in other regions. This white paper will address the various sourcing opportunities that buyers can avail in regions that are considered mature and emerging in terms of industrial MRO market supply. Read More

Why It’s Important to Individually Store Materials in Construction Projects

Guest Editor

Construction field operations are markedly inefficient in terms of where and how materials get stored and handled. This is due to the highly dynamic nature of site operations, the limited extent to which advance layout planning can be done, and the inability of existing tools to collect and use updating information and reflect change in a layout plan as construction progresses. Read More

Minding Your Business: 5 Energy-Saving Industrial Cooling and Heating Methods

ThomasNet News

A productive factory and plant floor rely on effective heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. There have been recent advances in technologies that better regulate the distribution of heating and cooling as well as the energy that feeds the HVAC system. Read More

Supply Chain Management in the USA

Rich Weissman

The evolution to a supply chain services company has been an interesting one for Banneker Industries. Until 1995 they were a successful machine shop that specialized in machined castings, turnings, and sheet metal work. “One of our long-standing customers is Raytheon,” says Charlie Braun, General Manager. "We began working with them when we were a machine shop and our relationship has progressed to include receiving, inspection, warehousing and onsite operations within their facilities.” Read More

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