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Small Business Innovative on Skilled Labor Shortage

Susan Avery

In manufacturing, many procurement professionals have come to rely on small businesses to help fill their requirements for quality goods and services at competitive prices. Small businesses, as a result, are seeing their sales grow. But a shortage of skilled labor may temper that growth. Read More

Career Takes Engineer to Procurement

Rich Weissman

"I work on sourcing strategies with raw material suppliers and our regional operating units in a center-led procurement process...I am able to combine my business and technical expertise to really dig into sourcing strategies based on global market trends and how they impact our business and ultimately our customers." Read More

Procurement Under Pressure to Deliver

Susan Avery

Despite cost benefits strategic sourcing delivers, procurement still is under increasing pressure to find new ways to create savings, says Constantine Limberakis, Senior Research Analyst, Global Supply Management, at Aberdeen Group. Read More

Non-Standard Procurement to Support Business Strategy: Three Tests

Guest Editor

Sometimes a product or service being procured is either hard to define or subject to unpredictable changes over the product life or contract term. In these situations, procurement tactics which assume well defined inputs are dangerous. For these circumstances there are better ways to buy. Read More

Software Licensing Negotiation Best Practice: Leave it to Procurement

Susan Avery

As a rule, procurement professionals don’t like surprises; those renewing software licensing agreements that include new technologies such as cloud, virtualization or other services likely are not expecting additional layers of complexity and costs as they enter into negotiations with vendors. Read More

Negotiations Dos and Don’ts

John Hall

“Lessons learned? All factors need to be evaluated prior to awarding a contract. Price often times is overused as the sole decision criteria.” Read More

Hospitals Pursue Healthier Sourcing

Doug Smock

Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif., and Partners Healthcare in Boston, Mass., both report they are savings millions of dollars this year through substitution of components made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with products made from alternative chemistries they consider safer. Read More

Supply Chain Leads to Innovation

Susan Avery

At Rowan Companies, Brent Shinall and his team are building a strategic sourcing function, rolling out an inventory management system and supporting the global oil and gas drilling contractor’s expanding business by involving suppliers early in the sourcing process. Read More

Implementing Inventory Management to Bring Value to Offshore Drilling

Guest Editor

In 2010, Rowan Companies put together a team of key stakeholders and consultants to develop a plan and define a new inventory management system utilizing SAP. The team defined categories of inventory, developed standards for the material master catalog within SAP, wrote and published dozens of business process procedures, and developed training materials Read More

How to Negotiate Tough, But Fair

John Hall

“Both sides need to be able to walk away and say the other was tough, but fair. Buyers should not engage in a ‘kill the vendor’ exercise. It’s not reasonable because you will wreck the relationship. Everyone should negotiate ethically and responsibly and be able to walk away from a tough deal with a solid relationship Read More

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