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Four Essential Levers to Realize Post-Merger Procurement Synergy

Suchismita Dhal

The cost and revenue synergies from any M&A activities are always derived from multiple pockets. Companies do plan meticulously to achieve the savings from all departments such as operations, procurement, sales and marketing, general and administrative etc. Read More

Total Cost of the Procurement Process Group: A Key Performance Indicator

Marisa Brown

Procurement has made strides in moving from a back office spend center to becoming a strategic business partner by driving process improvements, cost savings, and enhanced customer and supplier relationships. Read More

ProcureCon Marketing 2018 Highlights Strategies for Managing Disruptive Change

Dennis Bouley

Need to get updated on the latest trends, issues and solutions surrounding procurement and sourcing of marketing resources? November 12th – 14th is your chance. Read More

Procurement & Cybersecurity: Best Practices to Safeguard Your Organization

Jaisheela Setty

When we think about cybersecurity, we picture hackers behind laptops breaking into large financial corporations or, recently, the 2016 US presidential election. When we think about Procurement,... Read More

How Digitization is Impacting the Evolving CFO / CPO Relationship

Dennis Bouley

The history of interaction between the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has, until now, been fairly predictable. The relationship can be Read More

New Research Highlights 2018 Supply Chain Management Priorities

Marisa Brown

Recent research published in APQC’s Supply Chain Management Priorities and Challenges report provides insights surrounding 2018 supply chain management priorities challenges, trends, Read More

Is Procurement’s Fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Justified?

Dennis Bouley

Advancements in software and artificial intelligence have expanded both the number of activities that can be automated and the degree to which automation of tasks is possible. According to a 2017 McKinsey study, Read More

Procurement’s Guide to New Digital World Terminologies

Dennis Bouley

Everyday workplace conversations (either around the water cooler or online) often allude new business trends or new terms that are used to describe those trends. Listed below are some of the more common terms Read More

Three Technology Trends to Watch that are Impacting Procurement

Dennis Bouley

Trends like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and rapidly expanding software defined service processes are driving changes Read More

Reduce the Cycle Time to Place a Purchase Order

Marisa Brown

A key performance indicator for the procurement process Read More

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