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Collaborate for Competitive Advantage

ADR North America

The common wisdom in many business environments is to coddle your customers and squeeze your suppliers. That approach may be quite effective in the short run, but it raises a question if you depend on your supply chain to bring you innovations that add value to your organization. Would you give your best ideas to your worst customer? Of course not. Read More

A Saved Dollar Buys As Much As an Earned Dollar

ADR North America

In manufacturing industries the value of managing costs in the supply chain are obvious. However, that’s not always the case in industries such as financial service, where the focus is on revenue and rates of return. That is a shortsighted view, because a dollar saved with better purchasing has the same value to the bottom line as a dollar earned on an investment. In service industries, of course, the place to look for savings is in indirect spending. Read More

Best Practices in Supply Management Professional Development (Part 2)

ADR North America

Adult learning theory is part of the foundation of an effective professional development program. Course should build new concepts on what staff already know, allow time to practice new ideas on real-life examples and provide ways to let students reflect on their own learning before advancing. Read More

Closing Procurement Loopholes (part 2)

A. T. Kearney

When asked to define “procurement compliance,” our survey participants made it apparent very quickly that no universally accepted definition of compliance exists. Read More

Guidelines for cross-cultural and international negotiations (part 1)

Vantage Partners

There is a significant body of literature on the topic of cross-cultural negotiation. Much of it focuses on differences among cultures, and specifically on alleged differences in negotiation styles across different cultures, along with advice for how to negotiate differently, say, with Japanese, versus American, versus Russian, versus Indian counterparts. Read More

Jumpstarting Your E-Sourcing Initiative

A. T. Kearney

Much has changed since the late 1990s when a handful of companies—GlaxoSmithKline, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Sun Microsystems—began using sourcing technologies. These companies were industry pioneers as they automated their sourcing processes by using electronic tools and technologies Read More

Tips on buying greener cleaners

Susan Avery

Purchasing professionals can help their janitorial service provider select less toxic chemicals that are cost effective and maintain high standards of cleaning quality. The Responsible Purchasing Guide for Cleaners provides information and recommendations on responsible use and purchasing of office cleaning products. Read More

How to select a cleaning supplier

Susan Avery

Many companies, which outsource their janitorial service, are not taking advantage of the benefits of green cleaning. Unlike many capital and resource intensive green initiatives, such as installing solar panels, green cleaning can be implemented quickly and easily. Read More

What is resource management?

Susan Avery

Resource management (RM) is a contracting model for solid waste management where waste generators and contractors share financial benefits from “resource efficiency” innovations, including source reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. Read More

Metrics for tracking chemicals buying

Susan Avery

How do you know if your chemical purchasing and management is on the right track? You need to measure performance. Read More

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