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Cost Savings Only A Fraction of Procurement Contribution

Susan Avery

Procurement responsibility for more than cost savings was a recurring theme at sessions at the conference produced by the Next Level Purchasing Association. Procurement appears to have a better vision of its place in a company, understanding that its mission is to work with internal stakeholders and suppliers to meet the company’s overall objectives. Still, procurement may find it challenging to communicate its vision to managers and stakeholders. Read More

Measuring Purchasing Maturity

Paulo Moretti

My objective is to demonstrate a tool for high-level purchasing executives to create an organizational self-assessment, so they can more fully understand areas for improvement, whether they are able to change by themselves, or whether they need to work with consultants on the areas for improvement.... This basic tool here can help executives begin thinking about potential changes for improvement. Read More

Peeling Back the Stakeholder Interview Process

Source One Management Services

To properly source any category, you have to not only understand the category itself but also fully understand the specific needs of your stakeholders –their requirements and to some extent even preferences. As a procurement consultant, I find stakeholder interviews to be a crucial and valuable part of the strategic sourcing process. Collecting this qualitative data in additional to your quantitative spend data lays the foundation for an effecting sourcing strategy. Read More

The Top Five Advantages of Earning a Logistics Degree

Guest Editor

From logistics software operations and logistics engineering to management roles in warehouses and transportation, there’s no lack of logistics career variety. Across the board, logisticians play a crucial role in eliminating inefficiencies and reducing costs from production, shipment and distribution. Read More

Percentage of Purchase Value from Certified Vendors


The practice of using certified vendors helps organizations mitigate risk by using audits and review processes to increase the likelihood that purchases will meet critical requirements. APQC’s research has revealed that, when working with certified vendors, top performers regularly evaluate supplier capacity and capability to ensure a good match to requirements. Read More

Procuring Managed Print Services: The Most Efficient Approach

Beroe Inc.

While most Fortune 500 companies have started procuring managed print services worldwide, enterprises have little visibility of best practices and negotiation methodologies followed during the procurement process. Managed print services have evolved from a simple CPP (cost per page model) to different models like Base + Click and Base + Consumables. Read More

Embracing the Burden: TCO and its Effect on Offshoring Decisions

Guest Editor

These companies failed to understand their products’ total cost of ownership (TCO) before making strategic sourcing decisions. "All too often the people responsible will calculate the easy things like shipping rates, labor and material costs, and say, ‘Oh, wow. It’s cheaper over there.’ Unfortunately, the things they overlooked Read More

NESCON 2016: ‘Making Procurement Better for the Future’

Susan Avery

Despite what procurement and supply management professionals are hearing this political season, the U.S. economy is doing well. That’s the word from Jeffrey B. Carr, President and Economist at EPR in Williston, Vermont, speaking recently to attendees at the New England Supply Chain Conference (NESCON) at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlborough, Mass. Read More

Data, Data, Data: What Procurement Needs to Know About Master Data Management

Source One Management Services

Every industry from medical to retail uses and relies on data transparency every day. With the eruption of digital technologies, companies are collecting large quantities of data about consumers’ shopping behaviors, both online and in-store; usually referred to as Big Data. While the original consumer data collectors were website and cellphone applications, today this trend is nurtured by innovative, connected products. Think fitness trackers, Smart TVs, Read More

Global Pricing Management Systems Offer Visibility, More

Beroe Inc.

Organizations like 3M, P&G, Unilever, and Johnson and Johnson sell thousands of products in more than 200 countries where they have to consider competitors pricing, discounts, trade agreements, annual contracts, tenders, rebates and special discounts. Taking all this into account, companies are still able to do an extremely good job with respect to pricing. Read More

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