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Purchasing Automation vs. Manual Part 2: Does Purchase Order Automation make sense for your company?

Guest Editor

In Purchasing Automation vs. Manual Part 1: Why PO Automation is Taking Off, we learned from industry experts, Michael Croasdale, MRO expert from Source One Management Services and Tom Kieley, co-founder of SourceDay, the driving forces behind why companies are investing in tools for Read More

ProcureCon West Indirect Conference Highlights 2017 Sourcing Innovations

Dennis Bouley

Need to get updated on the latest trends, issues and solutions surrounding Indirect Sourcing? September 18-20 is your chance. The 7th annual ProcureCon West Indirect Sourcing Conference Read More

Top 10 Strategies for Reducing Equipment Maintenance Budgets

Punya Mittal

Big manufacturing companies with declining sales are always under pressure to manage their costs. Maintenance is a huge expense item Read More

Prime-Time: Amazon’s Disruption of Traditional Retail

Guest Editor

Right now, it’s good to be Amazon. Read More

The Sewing was Sent to San Salvador

Guest Editor

There WAS a company in southeast USA who manufactured private label sports clothing; they HAD five plants within a 10-mile radius of each other. The company CEO initiated a call to all Read More

Purchasing Automation vs. Manual Part 1: Why PO automation is taking off

Guest Editor

Imagine a procurement organization free from repetitive manual processes. While it may be a stretch to remove all repetitive manual processes, many companies are making strides in that direction in the form of Read More

The Road to Profitability: Uber’s Play for a Driverless Future

Guest Editor

It’s arguably the most important legal fight of the year: Waymo, Google’s since-spun-off driverless car division, is battling Uber over allegedly pilfered trade secrets and information. The two companies are fighting in a space increasingly Read More

Procurement’s Impact on Financial Statements

Guest Editor

The famous quote “Show me the money!” from the movie “Jerry Maguire” reflects the role of procurement quite accurately. Only clear financial Read More

CPO Study Reveals New Insights on Tackling Global Procurement Challenges

Dennis Bouley

Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) are now gaining the authority to influence the larger strategies of the businesses they serve. Detailed analytics providing insight on patterns of spending Read More

The Evolving Role of Procurement in a Digitized World

Dennis Bouley

Digitization is redefining the boundaries and expectations for procurement. We see it every day in the growing use of digital technologies to generate revenue, improve partnerships, and Read More

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