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Inefficient Procurement Processes Cost Companies $1.5 Billion

John Hall

Nearly 70% of sourcing professionals who say their procurement systems do not make them more productive say that they would use the time lost to inefficiency to find more savings opportunities, guide purchasers to make better choices, consolidate more spend categories under contract, purchase more cost-effective items and get more bids per tender. Read More

How to Minimize the Impact of Cost of Living Allowance on Market Research Prices

Beroe Inc.

This white paper is aimed at enhancing client negotiation with market research suppliers by adopting a standard COLA calculation methodology. The inputs of this whitepaper would help procurement teams devise a standard COLA methodology which can be applied to all rate card based pricing negotiations. Read More

Auto Plastics Future Is in Biomaterials and Nanotechnology

ThomasNet News

The global automotive plastics industry is experiencing strong growth. A recent Grand View Research report predicts the auto plastics market will reach $41.5 billion by 2020. The boom is due to a combination of increased global demand for autos, the need for lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles that meet regulations such as the U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE), and breakthroughs in material science. Read More

What's Next for World-Class Procurement

John Hall

CEOs and CFOs are looking to their procurement organizations to focus more deeply upon supplier relationship management, innovation in product design, and other things they haven’t explored deeply before. Read More

Late Payments Hit Small Suppliers, Economy Hard

Susan Avery

Basware Pay connects buyers’ and suppliers’ payment processes. Suppliers’ invoices are sent via the Basware Commerce Network (which connects 1 million companies across 100 countries), approved by the buyer and once approved become available for payment through a virtual MasterCard account number. The supplier receives an early payment while the buyer typically has extended payment terms. According to Basware and MasterCard, both parties benefit from richer settlement data and full process and payment visibility. Read More

P-Card Program Managers, Administrators Earn More in the Corporate Sector

Guest Editor

The sector that a Purchasing Card Program Manager (PM) or Program Administrator (PA) works in can have an impact on their salary, according to a comprehensive salary survey from the NAPCP. Read More

IMTS Must-Sees: Robots, Data Visualization and Hybrid Manufacturing

ThomasNet News

Automation, notably robotics, has been a mainstay of large operations for some time. Recently, automation for smaller companies has intensified, as shops learn about the productivity and quality advantages of robots as well as advances in robotics, such as more intuitive robots, robot arms, and collaborative robots. Most important, the cost and simplicity of robots and automation equipment is now well within reach for smaller manufacturers. Read More

IMTS Peers into Future of Manufacturing

Doug Smock

Today, 3D printers are used primarily to make jigs and fixtures in specialty auto applications, such as NASCAR racing. Efforts are under way to make production parts, like car hoods from carbon composites using newly developed pressure presses. Cycle times are 15 to 17 minutes, a lot faster than the hours required in an additive manufacturing machine. Read More

From Tactical to Strategic: Transforming Procurement One Company at a Time

Susan Avery

“My experience has been really gratifying, sharing learnings and helping companies and leaders who really want to transform themselves from tactical, operational purchasing departments to become not just a better tactical department but also to take on a more strategic role across all dimensions important to the success of an organization,” says Robert A. Rudzki, President, Greybeard Advisors LLC, celebrating its 10th anniversary in September 2014. Read More

Automotive Plastics Growth Benefits from Design, Regulatory Trends

ThomasNet News

The global automotive plastics industry is in boom mode today. Improvements in vehicle design and the ongoing trend toward lighter weight for improved fuel efficiency have led to greater demand for engineering plastic components. A recent study by Grand View Research predicted that the auto plastics market will reach $41.5 billion by 2020. Read More

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