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Supplier Integration and Procurement Best Practices through Tail Spend Reduction Strategies by Industrial MRO Buyers

Beroe Inc.

This paper provides insights into the MRO supply chain and explains cost-saving opportunities that can be found in the most unaddressed areas of spend for an organisation. Read More

Category Management Success: A View from Senior Leaders in Procurement

Guest Editor

Ninety percent of leaders in procurement and 80% of followers have category management as a top-three priority. Future Purchasing’s roundtable discussions explore how CPOs focus on this priority. Read More

Chief Procurement Officers Dive into Pressing Issues at CPO Summit

Susan Avery

CPOs and other senior executives in procurement attending the Marcus Evans CPO Summit in Atlanta April 7-8 will examine such critical topics as: The evolving CPO and CFO relationship, deploying an effective collaborative approach to sourcing and finding and retaining top talent in procurement Read More

Metal Injection Molding Lowers Product Costs

Doug Smock

A value analysis project at global components producer Bosch achieved savings of 80% by converting a fuel-control gear segment to the metal injection molding process. The low-alloy steel component goes into a device that regulates the entry of fuel into an engine. Read More

Nonferrous Metals Price Forecast for 2014

John Hall

Prices for aluminum, copper, nickel, and lead and zinc have been languishing, and in some cases volatile, since the end of the recession. None have fully recovered since highs recorded in early 2008, including many secondary markets. Read More

Opportunities for Strategic Sourcing to Provide Value to HR in 2014

Guest Editor

Economic growth for the U.S. is projected to pick up in 2014 after a sluggish 2013. This represents a perfect opportunity for Human Resources (HR) to strategically partner with their leadership team to drive bottom line results. Sourcing can impact this bottom line growth by partnering with HR to ensure the retention of top talent through the use and delivery of leading-edge suppliers who offer high quality programs at the most effective cost. Read More

Minding Your Business: Keeping Hazardous Areas Clean and Safe

ThomasNet News

Avoiding the risk of fire or explosion is a major safety concern in any environment where flammable or combustible materials are present. Most manufacturers, processors, and other industrial organizations recognize the importance of hazardous area safety and have established programs and procedures to identify potential risks and reinforce safe behaviors. Read More

Strategic Approaches to Materials Management for Industrial Projects

Guest Editor

Materials represent a major expense in construction, so minimizing procurement costs improves opportunities for reducing overall project costs. Delays and extra expenses may be incurred if materials required for particular activities are unavailable. Planning at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels is never separated. The most value is realized by integrating the strategic vision, based on demand patterns, into tactical plans that are actualized via operational scheduling in the Materials Management System. Read More

Reshoring Initiative: Cost to Bring Back Manufacturing

Rich Weissman

Working back through the domestic supply chain, the Reshoring Initiative also trains suppliers to demonstrate to manufacturers the economic advantages of local sourcing. “We will continue our ‘return-manufacturing-home’ message until all U.S. manufacturers are making objective sourcing decisions and thus realize America is increasingly the place to produce and source goods to supply the U.S. market,” says Read More

Supply Management Professionals Learn about Leadership

Susan Avery

Strength and decisiveness are two qualities of a good leader--and were themes of two presentations given at the monthly member meeting of PMAB--the Association for Supply Professionals. The supply management professionals who ventured out on a cold January evening to the Henderson House in Weston, Mass., also took the opportunity of meeting to network and catch up with colleagues. Read More

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