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Procuring Managed Print Services: The Most Efficient Approach

Beroe Inc.

While most Fortune 500 companies have started procuring managed print services worldwide, enterprises have little visibility of best practices and negotiation methodologies followed during the procurement process. Managed print services have evolved from a simple CPP (cost per page model) to different models like Base + Click and Base + Consumables. Read More

Embracing the Burden: TCO and its Effect on Offshoring Decisions

Guest Editor

These companies failed to understand their products’ total cost of ownership (TCO) before making strategic sourcing decisions. "All too often the people responsible will calculate the easy things like shipping rates, labor and material costs, and say, ‘Oh, wow. It’s cheaper over there.’ Unfortunately, the things they overlooked Read More

NESCON 2016: ‘Making Procurement Better for the Future’

Susan Avery

Despite what procurement and supply management professionals are hearing this political season, the U.S. economy is doing well. That’s the word from Jeffrey B. Carr, President and Economist at EPR in Williston, Vermont, speaking recently to attendees at the New England Supply Chain Conference (NESCON) at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlborough, Mass. Read More

Data, Data, Data: What Procurement Needs to Know About Master Data Management

Source One Management Services

Every industry from medical to retail uses and relies on data transparency every day. With the eruption of digital technologies, companies are collecting large quantities of data about consumers’ shopping behaviors, both online and in-store; usually referred to as Big Data. While the original consumer data collectors were website and cellphone applications, today this trend is nurtured by innovative, connected products. Think fitness trackers, Smart TVs, Read More

Global Pricing Management Systems Offer Visibility, More

Beroe Inc.

Organizations like 3M, P&G, Unilever, and Johnson and Johnson sell thousands of products in more than 200 countries where they have to consider competitors pricing, discounts, trade agreements, annual contracts, tenders, rebates and special discounts. Taking all this into account, companies are still able to do an extremely good job with respect to pricing. Read More

2017 EPIC Awards to Honor the Best of Indirect Procurement

Susan Avery

Continuing the tradition of honoring the best in indirect procurement, ProcureCon and My Purchasing Center have opened the competition for the 2017 EPIC Awards. The two are accepting nominations for six EPIC Awards: Career, Individual, Team, Rising Star, Innovator and Supplier. Read More

5 Lessons Risk Managers Can Learn from the Presidential Debate

Guest Editor

The first presidential debate was one for the history books to say the least, much like the entire 2016 presidential election. Both candidates get points for showmanship certainly, but if you think it was more entertaining than informative, don’t put down your popcorn just yet. Whether it’s third-party, vendor, or supplier risk you’re managing, here’s a list of the five lessons risk managers can learn from the event. Read More

Risk Experts Advise Procurement: 'Know Your Supplier'

Susan Avery

How does procurement identify supplier risk if resources are limited? How do we track performance at mitigating risk? How do we get stakeholders to understand the value of managing risk? A panel of risk experts helped procurement and supply management professionals think through responses to these questions and others at the September member meeting of ISM-Greater Boston in Concord, Mass., recently. Read More

Got a Large Group Procurement Job Interview? Here's How to Prepare

Guest Editor

The scene: You, your mobile phone and a message. You finally hear back from the procurement recruiter and the interview date is confirmed. “Great!” you tell yourself. “We are finally moving forward.” Then you download the interview schedule and suddenly more than 25 names and their assigned teams stream past. Your first thoughts are Read More

Why a GPO Can Be Crucial to Your Business

Guest Editor

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is a well-known buzzword in the healthcare and government industries. Do you know that using one in your business could translate into thousands of dollars of savings on the supplies and resources you use every day? Read More

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