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Procurement’s Role in the Logistics Buy

John Hall

Procurement and logistics functions are melding. Today, many procurement professionals are equal parts buyer and logistics specialist, and have had to develop skills in both arenas. Read More

Why Select a Supplier

Susan Avery

Suppliers, says Lutz Peichert of Forrester Research, are taking on more responsibility, “becoming more of a business partner than provider of goods and services” to global sourcing and vendor management organizations. Read More

Building Stakeholder Support for SRM

Vantage Partners

As companies continue to invest in supplier relationship management (SRM) programs and enabling capabilities, one of the biggest challenges sourcing and supply chain executives confront is how to build buy-in and alignment across a broad spectrum of stakeholders with diverse priorities. Read More

Commodity Price Update

Susan Avery

My Purchasing Center is partnering with ProPurchaser to bring regular news updates on commodity prices such as steel and nonferous metals, energy, chemicals and packaging to procurement and supply management professionals. Read More

ISM Honors IBM, Cisco Systems for Supply Management Excellence

Susan Avery

ISM’s 97th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Education Exhibit takes place May 6-9 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Read More

Follow the Procurement Leaders: Seven Ways to Lasting Results (part 2)

A. T. Kearney

Value chains are bending so rapidly that procurement professionals are more important to business strategies than ever before. It’s not only volatility in commodities but also dramatically new ways of working that are creating Read More

How to Innovate with Suppliers

Susan Avery

“If procurement would identify suppliers with innovative opportunity and focus on building a collaborative partnership now we would not be just chasing innovation deals, we’d be cementing relationships, creating an evergreen resource for innovation,” says Jonathan Hughes at Vantage Partners. Read More

Category Management: Beyond the “Strategic” in Strategic Sourcing

The Hackett Group

Building a category management capability that crosses organizational boundaries puts the “strategic” back into strategic sourcing. Category management fundamentally differs from strategic sourcing and builds on the credibility that strategic sourcing professionals have created for themselves over the years. Read More

Procurement: The Last Best Place for Results Improvement (part 4)

A. T. Kearney

To optimize procurement one must ensure that the hygiene elements (requisition-to-pay or buying processes, contracting and other transactional activities, for example) meet service and quality levels at the lowest possible cost. Read More

Procurement: The Last Best Place for Results Improvement (part 3)

A. T. Kearney

Leadership compliance levels are achieved when procurement practices policies broadly—and buying compliance policies in particular—are institutionally sacrosanct, and the enforcement of compliance and procurement policies is rigorous and visible. Read More

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