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How Procurement Should Manage its Relationship with Legal

Susan Avery

As managing supply chain risk continues to be on the minds of CEOs in 2017, procurement leaders may want to ensure their teams have a good understanding of the legal aspects of their relationships with suppliers and good rapport with the company’s attorneys. That’s the message from James M. Baehr, Group Lead at Sourcing Strategies Group LLC, to members of the Institute for Supply Management Greater Boston (ISMGB) affiliate in a recent webinar. Read More

Look After Your Data: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe


Concerned about data protection? How can IT procurement ensure data security and reduce cyber risk for your organisation? Read More

Leverage Not Always Perfect Procurement Plan

Guest Editor

Many organizations have implemented strategic procurement which coupled with the recent volatility of markets requires procurement to evolve the function. Part of this is increasing the strategy and analysis to a wider scope of the supply chain to prepare the organization for today's challenges. Read More

Procurement Debates: Is Category Management Obsolete?

Susan Avery

Procurement and supply management professionals attending ProcureCon Indirect East in Orlando on March 6-8 will have the opportunity to listen to and weigh in on a debate on the relevancy of category management. Brian Kyle, Managing Director, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Management at American Cancer Society, Inc., and Garry Christie, Director, Procurement at Advanced Micro Devices, are scheduled to lead the session during the 10th annual event Read More

At Law Firms, Procurement Seeks to Become Internal Counsel

Susan Avery

Procurement professionals leading their companies' sourcing strategy for legal services are helping to convince law firms to set up centralized procurement functions. Their questions to law firms about how they manage supplier risk is what's encouraging the firms to hire CPOs and work to increase procurement's influence internally. Read More

Sourcing a Coupon Processing Company? Here's What You Need to Know

Source One Management Services

Selecting a processor that is well trusted ensures that “retailers can achieve optimum cash flow while recouping the cost of coupons by relying on the trusted company’s processing and settlement solution. And, it all happens with total invoicing transparency. One-count and two-count processing options, along with flexible invoicing, allow retailers to maintain effective coupon cost management Read More

Freight Payment Systems: Logistics Leans Towards Software

Beroe Inc.

Shippers spend an average of 54% of total logistics expenditures on transportation and large manufacturing and distribution companies will have multiple shipments through multiple carriers in a day. Managing freight audit and bill payments are key challenges in today’s business scenario. Read More

Steel Price Forecast for 2017

Susan Avery

While rising raw material costs push up steel prices, market watchers suggest buyers not make big purchasing commitments heading into 2017. “Steel buyers do not want to lock in for more than six months because prices should start coming down in the second quarter of 2017,” says John Anton, Director, Steel Analytics, Pricing & Purchasing, at IHS Markit. Read More

Temporary Labour Procurement Maturity: How Your Performance Compares to World-Class

Guest Editor

As per staffing industry analysts, temporary labour features among the top three high-spend categories among 60% of Fortune 500 companies. The role of procurement has never been more important to manage this significant spend which can spill over $1billion. Read More

Quick Guide to Fleet Management Services

Source One Management Services

Fleet Management Companies (FMC) provide a spectrum of outsourced fleet-related services from asset management to vehicle remarketing to consultative services and everything in between. This post will focus on commonly purchased light fleet services for your standard sedan-centered fleets. Read More

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