ISM Rochester

ISM-Rochester is one of 180 affiliates of ISM [Institute for Supply Management], formerly the National Association of Purchasing Management. ISM headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona and has over 47,000 members. NAPMR has over 300 members. ISM Rochester serves as a center of excellence in establishing best-in-class professional standards of competency and conduct for its members, and for matters pertaining to purchasing, materials, research, and education.


ISM-DE is a non profit organization and is managed by a board of directors. The board includes positions such as Chair of Education and Professional Development, Secretary, President and Vice President, Director of Social Events, Treasurer, etc. These positions are elected by our membership on an annual basis. We are always looking for new ideas from our energetic membership. Please use this web page to obtain the information you need to become a member and/or maintain your active membership.

ISM-New York / New Jersey Forum

ISM-New York / New Jersey exists to support it’s affiliates in their efforts to achieve their strategic goals and plans for the purchasing and supply management profession and to facilitate communication amongst affiliates and between the affiliates and ISM.

ISM-Risk Management

The ISM-Supply Chain Risk Management Group seeks to be seen as a knowledge base for ISM members concerning supply chain risk management processes and knowledge to support and enhance ongoing professional supply management processes. Our goal is to provide ISM Members professional education opportunities and risk management information,and support expansion of the body of risk management knowledge to enhance personal professional development and success in professional supply management activities.

ISM-Southern Minnesota

NAPM-Southern Minnesota Chapter will conduct eight Profesional Development Meetings this year September 2013 thru May 2014. For more details please check out the ACTIVITY CALENDAR.
For a complete listing of Current Officers check out the updated OFFICER DIRECTORY. Please feel free to contact any officer with any questions or concerns.
If you are interested in becoming members of NAPM-SoMN please contact our President, Kevin Hammell at for an application.
NAPM-SoMN Board of Directors