Replace “click to print” with “click to sign” in your E-Contracting Processes

Businesses and government organizations of all sizes revolve around contracts that require signatures and approvals. The irony is that though most contract and procurement processes are created in digital format, they are then printed to paper for signatu…

CPO Rising: The Agility Agenda

How is your procurement and sourcing operation performing? Are you sure? According to Ardent Partners, nine of 10 CPOs believe their teams could be doing better. And while every procurement leader wants to improve their group’s performance, it’s important…

Procurement Teams for the 21st Century

This My Purchasing Center webcast introduces the procurement and supply management professionals selected as finalists for the 2015 Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories (EPIC) Team Award. The EPIC Awards, a collaboration of My Purchasing Center an…

Best-in-Class Sourcing: Rethinking Strategy in the Changing World of Work

Work is changing. More employees are setting up offices in their homes and telecommuting. You’ve developed a sourcing strategy for the things they need--office supplies, technology products

How Contract Management can Expand and Accelerate Sales Opportunities, while Improving Revenue Management and Overall Risk Insight and Mitigation

At too many organizations, contract management is seen as an obligation or worse – an obstacle – to sales and finance. In this challenging business environment, business can no longer afford to be complacent with their contracts and contract processes.

Collaborating with Suppliers: Where "Should Cost" Fits in the Equation

A top priority for procurement this year is support of innovation-driven revenue generation, according to

Exceeding Expectations in Indirect Procurement

The webcast dives into the make-up of indirect procurement teams--and with whom the teams partner internally and externally in their quest to achieve corporate success. It examines the challenges indirect procurement teams face, the approach they take to …

Impact of Health Reform & Regulation on Health Care Supply Chain

In this webcast, attendees will learn about: Healthcare reform and the non acute supply chain, responding to healthcare reform and group purchasing organizations--market shifts and driving savings

Supplier Performance Management: Identifying Best Practices

Supplier performance management is a topic that is getting a lot of “air time” in procurement offices, supplier management organizations, and even the C-suite. The problem is that if you

Transforming Big Blue's Procurement Operations

Learn how the IBM procurement organization transformed their processes to realize over $7 billion in sustainable savings

Leveraging Data, Analytics, and Geospatial Information Systems to Enhance Global Supply Chain Management

Gone are the days that most of the work happened within a single facility, or at worst a few factories close to each other. Supply chains of today are increasingly global and can face disruption by political unrest, adverse weather events, accidents, or e…

Purchasing vs. Reliability: Avoiding the Zero Sum Game

One is a purchasing/supply chain expert. The other is rooted in maintenance reliability. They have different approaches to achieving the same goal: delivering a reliable and profitable plant.

Procurement Ethics for 2013: Corporate Social Responsibility and SCM.

Ethics has always been an important topic for procurement and supply management professionals. After all, procurement teams are representatives of their companies and how they treat suppliers along the supply chain and behave in the global marketplace ref…

Manage Your Supply Chain to a Competitive Advantage

What is the one thing that every company is focused on in this economy? Cost Savings.

Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories

This webcast provides a look at finalists in the individual division for the Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories (EPIC) Award. You'll hear from procurement professionals at Amway, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Kellogg. ProcureCon Indirect and …

Supply Chain Leadership: Increasing Organizational Influence

This session focuses on the critical employee leadership and development issues that are prevalent in today’s workplace. The goal of this workshop is to increase the attendees' understanding and use of leadership, team building, communication and conflict…

Purchasing Salaries--What They Are and How to Negotiate Them

This webcast is the third in The OfficeMax Professional Development Series: Your Career in Indirect Procurement

Driving Change in Indirect Procurement

In many ways leading a sourcing initiative in the indirect expenditure area is much more difficult than leading change in the direct materials area.

Opportunity to Transform Procurement

It’s an exciting time to be a procurement professional! More organizations today are looking for procurement and supply professionals with the right skill and expertise to manage a transformation of the procurement function.

Hazardous Chemical Reg Changes: What Procurement Needs to Know

On March 26, 2012, OSHA published revisions to the Hazard Communication standard. The new standard aligns with the Global Harmonization

Expert Access: Championship-Caliber Negotiation

This webcast provides comprehensive championship-caliber negotiation strategies, techniques, and tips applied by successful negotiators

Strategic and Competitive Value Add: Johnson & Johnson Analyzes Its Global Spend

At this My Purchasing Center webcast, procurement attendees will learn how Johnson & Johnson achieved insight into its global spend and uses predictive analysis to add value to the business.

Opportunity for Procurement

In this 15-minute event, My Purchasing Center Editor Susan Avery takes Procurement through the 2012 OfficeMax Office Products Industry Study and offers expert analysis along the way: Learn why now is the time for Procurement to take advantage of the oppor…

Procurement and Negotiation Strategies for Health Care

The webcast looks at trends in health care procurement and opportunities for savings in key spend categories such as purchased services--facilities/MRO, outsourced services and technology. Procurement pros in other industries also will find it valuable. O…

Purchasing Power: The Strategic Role of Purchasing in Today’s Economy

This interactive webinar discusses the increasingly strategic role that purchasing plays in today's company, and asks attendees to look at their role and how they can create additional value

Strategic Sourcing 2.0: Managing a More Effective Program

Although “six-step” sourcing processes and enabling tools have been around for over a decade, many companies have still not optimized their sourcing activities or fully embraced sourcing technology to address advanced sourcing needs.

The Ebb and Flow of Power: Energy Management for Procurement

Join this webcast for practical strategies for procurement on managing energy use at manufacturing plants and other facilities.

The CPO Agenda – Procurement’s Top Issues in 2012

Find out what senior procurement executives are focusing on in 2012

What Does Your MRO Inventory Really Cost?

Top industry experts in the field of procurement and MRO inventory management will talk about streamlining the process, hidden costs, managing MRO inventory for multiple locations, the benefits and drawbacks of vendor-managed inventory programs and more.

Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories

On January 23 My Purchasing Center presented a webcast on the procurement and supply management professionals who have emerged as finalists in the first Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories

Expert Access: Supplier Management – The Need of the Hour

In order to increase competency and add new competitive advantages, organizations today are relying on collaborative relationships. When implementing supplier partnerships, firms commonly take either a strategic or reactive approach

Leveraging Reverse Auctions as a Core Sourcing Strategy

Learn how Kaiser Permanente incorporates reverse auctions into the decision-making process for national contracts, including in the more difficult areas of managed services, custom bundled offerings, and third-party payments.

Expert Access: Strategic Imperatives of Procurement – People, Process & Technology

For procurement to accelerate its movement up the corporate ladder and act strategically, streamlining procurement processes needs to be the key focus area of procurement professionals. Organizations today are expecting procurement to drive competitive pe…

Office Products Sourcing: Benchmark to Innovate

At the event, My Purchasing Center will share results of the new OfficeMax Purchasing Study on procurement’s role in strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management (SRM) in the office products spend category.

Procurement-Finance Collaboration

Procurement & finance are two business functions which are often at loggerheads with each other. One reason for this is the lack of perception alignment on an important metric of procurement and finance performance - 'savings'.

Growing Purchasing Influence On Indirect Spending

At world-class companies, purchasing’s influence touches just about every area of spending. But, how exactly do procurement teams get to the point where other departments approach them for help with sourcing such indirect categories as human resources ben…

What CEOs Expect Of Purchasing

Procurement and supply management leaders have a seat at the table, and management’s expectations are high. But what do CEOs really want, and is purchasing delivering on these expectations? This webcast looks at how procurement and supply management leade…

Driving Savings and Compliance at Newell Rubbermaid

Over the course of the last two years, Newell Rubbermaid has been implementing new technologies to enable their strategic sourcing processes and drive procurement performance to bring maximum value to the business.

Sourcing and Vendor Management Priorities

Presenting at the event, Expert Access: Sourcing and Vendor Management Priorities for 2012 and 2014, and prepared to respond to your questions on the topic, is Lutz Peichert, Vice President and Principal Analyst, at Forrester Research.

Expert Access: Innovating with Suppliers

Over the past several years, companies have increasingly focused on joint innovation efforts with suppliers in a variety of areas – product and packaging design, new technology development, business process innovation, and even implementation of new busin…