Commodity, Pricing & Cost Intelligence

IHS Pricing & Purchasing provides timely, accurate price and cost analysis including ten-year forecasts and historical records for thousands of commodity prices and wages around the globe. With greater understanding of suppliers' cost structures and market dynamics, clients can: 

  • Evaluate price quotes and enhance negotiating power 
  • Build composite cost indexes 
  • Identify competitive suppliers 
  • Strategically time purchases 
  • Determine project validity, risks and long-term costs 
  • Better manage supplier relationships 
  • Quantify and benchmark procurement costs by business unit or product line

An Easy Decision for Sourcing & Procurement Professionals

IHS understands the critical role that sourcing, procurement, and other supply chain professionals play in managing winning supplier relationships, and driving cost savings.

Peers agree that pricing and purchasing intelligence plays a vital role in preparing, negotiating, and justifying favorable supplier negotiation outcomes. 

Credible third party price intelligence also offers the objectivity needed to hold more productive, collaborative, and mutually beneficial supplier conversations. This ultimately fosters better and more profitable supplier relationships.

IHS price history, forecasts, and outlooks have played a proven role in more than $1 billion dollars of cost savings for our clients. Not only has this helped expand their business margins, but IHS information, expertise, and analytics play a key role in helping sourcing and procurement organizations achieve – and exceed – department goals and objectives. IHS arms professionals with the information and confidence needed to increase total cost savings, realize cost savings targets, attain negotiated price targets, achieve material forecast objectives, and more.

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