Nonferrous Metals Price Forecast for 2016

Analysts who watch the market for aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc see prices hitting bottom and say procurement professionals considering purchasing metals may want to buy now—or they cou…

Consider Costs Before Negotiating Paper Packaging Prices

A strong dollar, more supply than demand and lower material costs have put downward pressure on paper packaging prices recently. That’s good news for buyers.

How STEM is Preparing the Next Generation of Supply Chain Managers

Industries and universities across the globe are feverishly trying to keep up with the demand for tech-savvy innovators, especially in the field of supply chain management.

Driving Value through a Supplier Diversity Program

Why do companies give special attention to supplier diversity programs? Many Fortune 500 companies have sponsorships from their C-Suite as well as a dedicated team to focus solely on this initiative.

2016 EPIC Awards Recognize Indirect Procurement Value

My Purchasing Center and ProcureCon presented six EPIC Awards to procurement and supply professionals at the 2016 ProcureCon Indirect East event in Orlando recently. Founded four years ago, the Excell…

2016 Business Travel Price Forecast: Airfare Stable; Hotel Rates Rise

In 2016, travel procurement professionals are seeing airfares hold steady despite low oil prices, hotel room rates climb due to increased demand, and more competition for their business from auto rent…

Open Innovation 2020: Five Trends

In 4th quarter 2014, The Innovation Garage visited seven cities and attended or facilitated seven events on the subjects of The Next Decade in Procurement, Design for Manufacturing, Supply Chain Techn…

The Procurement Job Interview: How to Stand out from the Pack

“You shared a lot of good information during your interview, but are you “staying remembered”? Speak to any job candidate about their interview process and they will inevitably share their concern…

Procurement Talent Shortage Unlikely

“This profession has taught me so much about organizations and how they operate. I truly believe that a strong supply chain distinguishes great companies from good ones and is a competitive edge cruci…

What’s Procurement to Do When Prices Fall?

While a course of action for procurement when prices drop depends on the goods and services being sourced, it should never include taking a hatchet to suppliers.

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