Join the SCMRG for our Upcoming Webinar:  April 23, 2015:

Step Away From the Screen: Risk is Real


This webinar is your call to action to seek out the risk issues, become involved to solve problems before they occur, and leverage technology where possible. It addresses the business benefits and goals to attain by changing focus, interacting with a broader range of stakeholders, disseminating information in a new way, engaging with all parties more rapidly, and to drive change before it disrupts or negatively impacts the business.  You will learn how to engage and take action before it is too late.



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Welcome to the ISM Supply Chain Risk Management Group!

The ISM Supply Chain Risk Management Group seeks to be seen as a knowledge base for ISM members concerning supply chain risk management processes and knowledge to support and enhance ongoing professional supply management processes.  Our goal is to provide ISM Members professional education opportunities and risk management information,and support expansion of the body of risk management knowledge to enhance personal professional development and success in professional supply management activities.

The ISM SCRM Group is a complimentary member benefit of ISM. We want to:

  • Provide the opportunity for our members to exchange and discuss information and knowledge about Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Promote programs about risk management processes such as webinars and conferences to aid in the education and development of supply management professionals
  • Be a resource for published reports and studies on SCRM that are made available on this site
  • Provide general risk management information that may be written by our board or by our group members.

Check back frequently to find the latest information on supply chain risk.

Mickey North Rizza
Chair ISM Supply Chain Management Risk Group