Regular Membership:  A person shall be eligible to be a regular member of this Association who satisfies the eligibility requirements of a regular member of an Affiliated Association as defined in the bylaws of the Institute for Supply Management, Inc. (ISM), as amended from time to time.  Regular members of this Association shall have the right to cast one (1) vote on all questions which require a vote of the regular members of this Association other than those regular members who, pursuant to the ISM Bylaws, as amended from time to time, do not have voting rights.

Non-Voting Membership:  NAPMR shall have the following membership classes which neither represent membership in ISM nor entitle any member of such class to vote or hold office in NAPMR.

Associate Members A person who satisfies the eligibility requirements of Regular membership but does not wish to be a member of ISM.  Associate Members are not eligible to vote or hold office.  Associate Members are members of the local affiliate only.

Persons in charge of sales or the solicitation of orders are NOT eligible for membership.

Regular Members enjoy all privileges of membership in NAPMR and ISM.  Associate Membership is local affiliate membership only [not registered with ISM].  Must be at least one Regular Member from the same organization to be eligible for Associate Membership.

Membership year runs from June 1 to May 31.   Annual dues are renewable each May 31.

New applications received after January 1 and before March 1 are prorated.

Applicants may choose to include the cost of the 9 monthly educational programs at a reduced fee by paying at the time they pay dues.

To Apply:

Complete the Membership Application (see below) and submit with payment.  Applicants may pay by check, Master Card, Visa or American Express.  Do not mail cash.

The Membership Committee will review the application for completeness and eligibility, contact the applicant, and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting.  Upon approval, the new member will be notified in writing.

For more information contact the NAPMR Office at (585) 234-6100

Click here to download the Application Form