Freight Transportation Survey Results by Morgan Stanle

Dear Transportation Procurement Executive:

Morgan Stanley’s Equity Research division has been conducting quarterly freight transportation surveys for industry experts (express/parcel, railroad, trucking, and intermodal shippers) for the last 13 years. Each quarter, we send the survey to ~40,000 experts and receive a large number of responses that provide us with insightful information on current and expected industry trends. As a token of our gratitude, we typically send the compilation of survey results to respondents who completed the survey. This quarter, we would like to send a complementary copy of our latest report to all shippers.

Please click here to download the file or open it from below.

As you will see from the attached report, the identities of all respondents have been kept strictly confidential (nobody outside of my immediate team has access to the individual responses). As with all of our survey work, we are not attempting to sell you anything nor ask you to change vendors, but rather get a better understanding of the current trends in the freight transportation market.

We welcome any feedback or comments that you have and hope that you will participate in the next round of the survey.


Bill Greene

William Greene, Managing Director
Morgan Stanley | Research
1585 Broadway, 38th Floor | New York, NY 10036
Phone: +1 212 761-8017

Freight Transportation Survey Results by Morgan Stanley