SSG can work with your Supply Management organization to achieve new levels of purpose and effectiveness through the following services:

Transformation: Change is inevitable in today’s rapidly evolving economy and Supply Management organizations can no longer settle for incremental improvement. Businesses must take a hard look at what they are doing and decide if they can do more. SSG has the expertise and experience to assess and identify the opportunities for change and illustrate the associated benefits.

Strategic Sourcing: Strategic Sourcing is not new to Supply Management. To be successful requires more than just a defined process. It requires expertise and experience. SSG can introduce methods that fit your company structure, and your culture, to take your Sourcing initiatives from concept to launch, to sustainable results.

Structured Negotiations: Negotiations are more likely to achieve desired outcomes when they are structured. Whether on the Sourcing side, or the Sales side, preparation and structure are essential to performing competently. SSG can show you how to manage the negotiation process to attain preferred outcomes and reach mutual benefit.

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