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For editorial consideration and interest:  Michelle Palmer, mpalmer@mediasolvegroup.com , 630-240-0705

For a Media Kit and more sponsorship information:   Maris Listello, mlistello@mediasolvegroup.com, 630-964-3205

About Our Audience:  My Purchasing Center’s™ editorial mission is to fulfill the critical, tactical and strategic information needs of purchasing and procurement professionals—the only corporate function that touches every link in the manufacturing supply chain and the only function that controls—versus merely influencing—total corporate spend.   Our list of purchasing professionals and website traffic will represent key players within the industry. 

Here are some of the supply-chain activities that our audience and Web site visitors perform daily:

My Purchasing Center Sponsor Opportunities:  My Purchasing Center™ enables sponsors to establish a connection between its brand, message and products in the purchasing community.  We do that by utilizing high-value content and programs to align sponsors’ brands with precisely timed and measured audience engagement.  Whether sponsors are interested in awareness, thought leadership, education, content marketing or lead generation, My Purchasing Center™ has the right content, audience and platform to generate a high marketing return on investment:

For more information on how you can partner with My Purchasing Center to reach the Purchasing Function, please call or email Maris Listello to connect you with a sales person in your region:  Maris Listello mlistello@mediasolvegroup.com, 630-964-3205