• What's Wrong with E-Procurement?

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    What's Wrong with E-Procurement?

    As Amy Fong of The Hackett Group sees it, the best way for procurement leaders to improve spend compliance is a good, easy requisitioner experience. Her philosophy is “to make it easy for people to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing.

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  • Nine Ways to Know When Procurement has Outgrown Excel

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  • How to Be the Steve Jobs of Procurement

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Look After Your Data: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe


Concerned about data protection? How can IT procurement ensure data security and reduce cyber risk for your organisation? Read More

Buying "New" Equipment For A Low, Low Price? Trust, But Verify

Guest Editor

My company, Flash Global, purchased “new” hard drives from one of the largest IT distributors in the world as part of a test. All of the drives were labeled as "new," but all were actually used equipment. One drive had more than 26,000 hours of powered-up time. Read More

Data, Data, Data: What Procurement Needs to Know About Master Data Management

Source One Management Services

Every industry from medical to retail uses and relies on data transparency every day. With the eruption of digital technologies, companies are collecting large quantities of data about consumers’ shopping behaviors, both online and in-store; usually referred to as Big Data. While the original consumer data collectors were website and cellphone applications, today this trend is nurtured by innovative, connected products. Think fitness trackers, Smart TVs, Read More

Getting Millennials on Board the Collaborative, Strategic Procurement Bandwagon

Guest Editor

No matter how good your e-procurement solution is, its success depends on user adoption. Getting employees to purchase through an e-procurement system is a hurdle that needs to be overcome in any organization, particularly when it comes to engaging millennials. Read More

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ISM 2013 Fieldglass

Not able to attend the ISM conference this year? My Purchasing Center met with exhibitors like Jim Brozny of Fieldglass at the show where he demonstrated an application that helps automate the procurement process for non-employee workers.

ISM 2013 SciQuest

What's happening on the show floor at the ISM conference? My Purchasing Center interviews Adam Stewart of exhibitor SciQuest on the company's source-to-settle solution and its new user interface. He calls it "simple and sleek".


New Frontiers For Indirect Procurement

New Frontiers For Indirect Procurement

Randy Clark of Volvo Group Non-Automotive Purchasing describes how the role of procurement is changing, and provides a peek into his ProcureCon presentation.


Managing Indirect Spending At Hewlett-Packard

Managing Indirect Spending At Hewlett-Packard

Jim Niemiec talks with My Purchasing Center about his role and responsibilities and plans for his team. He also shares a preview of his upcoming ProcureCon presentation.


Supplier Risk: Factors To Consider

Supplier Risk: Factors To Consider

Jim Lawton of D&B Supply Management Solutions discusses supplier risk, the newly published Global Business Failure Report, and what it all means for purchasing.


Procure-To-Pay: The Value of Collaboration

Procure-To-Pay: The Value of Collaboration

My Purchasing Center talks to Basware’s Al Fish about procurement, AP, suppliers and how to meet the CFO’s expectations.


Latest Blog Posts

Reimagine Procurement

Susan Avery
Read Bio

According to new benchmarking research by The Hackett Group, world-class procurement organizations have lower operating costs and operate with smaller teams while generating more than twice the return on investment than typical companies. Still, they must find new ways to continue to add value. Read More

Predictive Analytics Can Provide Insight into Procurement Processes

Rick Bender
Read Bio

Harnessing the power of big data is leading to greater opportunities for companies to predict market trends, spending, consumer behavior and supply chain needs. This type of data mining is known as predictive analytics, and it can change the way you make business decisions. Read More

Contract Management: Opportunity for Procurement to Mitigate Risk

Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi
Read Bio

“Procurement is not only being asked to find new and creative ways to drive improvements to the corporate bottom line, but also to help manage the growing risk that can negatively impact the company,” says Lloyd Alexander, Vice President of Contract Strategy at Seal Software in a podcast interview at My Purchasing Center. Read More

Supplier Relationship Management: Two Sides

Jim Baehr
Read Bio

A next best area for managing total cost in the supply chain is Supply Relationship Management (SRM). This is especially true for supply management groups accomplished in strategic sourcing. Both the customer and buyer demonstrate an understanding that there’s much to be gained for both sides when a relationship embodies true collaboration. Read More



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Supplier Governance Made Easy, Powerful and Complete

Large corporations perform supplier governance for strategic services in silos – segregated by department, contract, geography or type of service. Where governance processes exist, they are largely manual, often performed by poorly trained and insufficient staff through various incompatible systems,…

The American Purchasing Society Annual Salary Report and Employment Trends for 2013

A new slide show highlights results of The American Purchasing Society Annual Salary Report and Employment Trends for 2013.

Supply Chains: Where to find the Biggest, Fastest Transportation Savings

Where should supply chain optimization begin? In this white paper, you'll discover ten ways to obtain greater transportation savings and which tasks are easiest to do for the fastest ROI.

Mitigate and Manage Your LTL Accessorials

Surprised by accessorial charges on your LTL freight bill? Learn why LTL carriers charge accessorials, and how your freight characteristics and process inefficiencies may be the culprits that cost extra for you and your LTL carriers